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morning ALL .... sxo i have no voice. iam not kidding its gone... lol i havew what ever the kids have and now i have no voice.. some say well when u pumish your self noone will hear .. lol well that s not true iam loud when i punish self and i cuss... i cant wait for it to go away . lord.. i feel like crap... oh well such as life. i guess... anyone want it they can have its free.. iam being good girl today so far although i just work up lol. give me time.. lol hush ya'll its not funny.. lord if iam bac (just ) and (badgir)l made me do it.. yes thats my story.... smiling really big

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I am in love.

Isn't that stupid?

I'm really not the type. I don't act like it even as I feel it. I don't even know what I'm doing, really. To say I have no experience in a relationship of any kind... this is akin to calling the ground beneath your feet 'not air'.

Connections and relationships, to me, are too close being on my television screen, let alone in real life! I am an extreme introvert, a severe isolationist. I've seen it all around me, these interpersonal relationships, but I don't partake, that's not me.

And yet here I am, wanting nothing more than to give my all to the most incredible man I have ever met, the dearest friend I could ask for. The deepest mind and heart, and the master thief of mine.

What's painful? Are you ready?.... I can't have him. Seriously, how stupid is that?

No more rolling my eyes at romantic comedies. No more bored skipping of heart-wrenching, love-conflicted songs on Pandora. It's true: people lose their gray matter when they fall in love. Ok, I give.

He is everything I could ever have wished for. Everything I have ever wanted. I rely on him too much for my pride, too little for the struggles I still keep silent. He is tender and thoughtful, intelligent and wise. He's not perfect, but he tries and he cares. And somehow he deals, actually deals, when I'm not perfect, too, when I screw up -- and I really screw up sometimes. He has amazing talent and a depth that calls to me even when we're laughing over silly things.

And he will never be mine. For the first time in my life, I would give my everything to another human being... and he cannot be mine.

Figures. A paradoxical love for a paradoxical woman. Having the greatest joy and fulfillment I've experienced, in exchange for never actually being able to hold it.

Nope. I may be a seriously deep masochist at times, but I don't like that kind of pain.

And yet call me the most stupid of all, because look: here I am, and here it is, worth every ounce of this heart-skinning pain of want.

Worth it all. Worth every ounce to know this love. To love this man.

So, I put it all out for the world to see. You tell me. How stupid am I? And for which?

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After a lovely break, we are back in the car on our way home.
It's been really lovely, having a play, been to see 2 fantastic places, well recommended, got a lovely bruised bum but a V V sore back.
Even He's back is sore from the soft mattress.
I was informed I had to continue my lines whilst away, but I chose to ignore this. Really I wanted to see what he said. So when packing last night, I said oh guess what I found when packing, my notebook. I'd forgotten all about it.
Course I hadn't I just didn't wanna do them whilst away.
G said I've noticed and it's noted in my secret list. You will be busy catching up when you get home.
I said, what 4 days of lines ?
He said yep.
So once home today or tomorrow I will have 8 pages of lines to write and send a picture of each to G.
He had also noticed I hadn't taken a selfie either.
But really that rule was only set to prove I was wearing makeup and if I'm with him, he saw me put it on, then he knew I was wearing it.
But apparently I should still have done it.
So from today once home, I will get back into my rules, filling out the life360 chore chart and starting afresh.
But I think we should have a break like this more often.
I've a lovely bruised bottom, worth every second of pain and enjoyment.
What fun !

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We have been putting off my girl's sentences, do to her having bulging vertebrates. -----After we have had a binge watching of The Walking Dead to get caught up with season 7, she ask permission to start up sentences.-----Depending on how she wakes if the pain in her back is not worse, she wants to try to begin with "Maintenance Spanking/Paddling" to help her stay in check. ------This may take a day or two to load. It is 3:11 2/28/2017



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i like blogging its fun . can write about what ever you want.. me most of my blogs are me telling on my self when i have done wrong... lol i know stupid but . if i dont tell iam feeling very guilty and it eats me up inside so big mouth cassy tell what she has done .. then my mentors see it and iam screwed. lol sad but true.. and i always say it.. dam cassy you have a huge mouth lol and when i on phone with mentors its the same i tell on my they are like excuse you ... its not funny at the time but lord,,, i have to learn to hold my tongue big time.. just saying.... so i have been punishing myself lately.. n yes i deserve it .. self spanking isnt the same as someone else doing it u i can control the swing . crazy but true i can hit lightly or heavy... mostly i due in between.. lol i know shut up cassy lol oh well iam honest i cant help it.. someday i will learn to shut up .... maybe.... now iam siting here listening to music and chilling my mentors arent on or probably not even awake oh well.. so iam doing what iam doing ... and relaxing .. still have to punish myself tonight... lets hope i dont forget AGAIN.... evil smile... iam kidding lord you all have to relax..... breath.... in and out... lol you know cassy jokes alot..... uptight people no wonder why you like to be spanked or spank lol... iam kidding .. lord.. ok i guess iam going to astop writeing now before i get in trouble lol AGAIN

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i checked my calendar last night before startin a new work week......every single day this week after work n so far mon - thurs of next week I have stuff goin on ..that means not getting home til 5pm or later.. makes for a long day when u get up at 3am... n then of course once I'm home its time to make dinner n pick up the house etc.. I'm add to all this.. I have been feelin bummed out... just way to much shit on my mind n never really any free time.... so ill b poppin in here n there but probably wont get to stay long........ *sighs*

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I thought I would blog every other day but that ain't goinna fly. Maybe weekly. One thing I thought tho is I'd make up some stories. Watch one of ST hot videos (one with a stupid reason and bad dialog) and imagine a scenario I like more. That's not stealing is it? My story will be fiction.

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Just got done doing some squats and my gym teacher, Ms. Reynolds pulled me aside and told me my bulge is showing and that I need to stay after school and come to the locker room. When I did, she was standing there with a paddle and told me since I want to act like a little boy and show that to everyone I'm going to get a long, thorough ass paddling and a rough cock milking. She told me my pipes needs to stay clean so it won't be as distracting and she'll continue to do this as long as it shows.

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"I guess the spanking I gave you for smoking a joint while driving didn’t teach you anything.” Denny was finishing the scold and spank he’d started this morning on our return from Sunday Mass. He had surprised me driving home when he rather casually mentioned talking to his sister earlier and she let slip how stoned you two were last night at the concert. So when we got home and he said “I need to get to the bottom of this” while pulling out a dining room chair, I knew to lift my skirt and slip, take down my pantyhose and put myself over his knee.

I was furious with Jenna his sister. Let it slip indeed. She knew her brother didn’t smoke pot and would rather I didn’t although he didn’t object; he knew I enjoyed an occasional joint and it wasn’t any different from his popping open a beer every now and then. She was just being a bitch. I really liked her but couln’t understand why she liked to stir things up. But for now I had other things to worry about; I’ll deal with her later.
Denny started to spank but he didn’t need to ask many questions as I admitted my guilt early on. He scolded quite a bit about how dangerous it was but my thoughts had returned to his bitch sister until I heard him say
“So starting this afternoon at 1:30 and every day for the next 5 days I’m going to beat your ass.” I can’t give you what you need in one punishment. It wouldn’t need 5 punishments but I want you to have something to look forward to..maybe it will help get the message across. After being let up I changed my clothes. Back downstairs he smiled and informed me his sister would be joining us for lunch and staying for my punishment. I was stunned! “Why?” I cried. Den explained he thought it would do her good to see the result of her slip of the tongue.
“I’d rather she feel the consequences I’m going to feel” I fumed.
“Now Wynfryd, she wasn’t the one driving under the influence of marijuana; you were. I think if she knows you were punished for it she would try to discourage you from doing it again. She is a good girl.”
Right, I thought. But maybe it will help her keep her mouth shut. She ain’t the good girl her family thinks she is but I don’t say anything.
It was 1:00 and lunch was over when my husband announced that I would be punished for last night’s DUI. My face was red as he explained I deserved an ass whipping and sent me off to get the switch. I did as I was told of course returning to hear Jenna dithering about something until I heard Denny’s voice cut in. What a wonderful sight that greeted my eyes! Jenna, bent over the table jeans around her knees being ordered to pull her panties down. Denny told her she hadn’t been driving so he wasn’t going to whip her. She had tho encouraged Wyn in smoking and driving then snitched her out! For that he was going to paddle her behind! I wanted to shout hooray when he picked up a large paddle I hadn’t seen before. Denny looked to me and indicating the paddle said it was the paddle his daddy used on the girls when they were kids and that he thought he could paddle Jenna just as good as daddy did. Plus I think it’s only fair to let you see the tattle tale get hers. I just nodded. I was able to keep a smile off my face (knowing what was in store for me) part of me felt sorry for husband knows how to paddle and judging from her reaction was doing a good job. Alas, all to soon it was over. Denny told her to stand up, straighten her clothes and wait in the other room. He decided letting her see my whipping would just reward the little snitch. She would hear it but not see it.
“Come over here and give me the switch; pull your pants and panties down, now bend over the table.”
Jenna’s paddling still with my thoughts I was able to do so without crying. This must have surprised him since I always start to cry when I have to bare my behind and get in position. Instead of starting in right away he waited a good minute then started those light taps that he normally doesn’t use to scare me. I was about to exclaim “Denny please just do it and get it over with” when I heard the whistle of the switch thru the air and
I jumped and almost screamed it hurt beyond measure.
Never has Denny whipped me so hard. I was wailing! Did not care if Jenna and all our friends and relations could hear! Neither could I stay in position. It seemed as if Den had to order me back over the table after every stroke. He didn’t let that bother him; instead he knew he’d need to help me and stepping closer put his free hand below my shoulder blades before continuing.
STRYUP! STRYUP! I was sobbing almost incoherently
“ huuurrrts pleas. Denny nomore Denny help make it stop.
Finally after the worst whipping in the history of whipping (Den said he planned on giving me 20 but when I started asking him to make it stop he couldn’t continue past 11 strokes) Denny tossed the switch on the table and gathered me up and carried me out of the room. It must have presented quite a sight for Jenna as my pants and panties were still down, the welts on my ass in plain view. I was still crying as he carried me upstairs murmuring soothing sounds and telling me it’s over... you’re alright . He lay me on the bed and for the first time (and would continue to do for the next 4days) he took out the cream and began to smooth it over my poor cheeks. We heard Jenna leave while Den worked the cream in.
Minutes later he took off my shoes and pants and pulled my panties up. Brushing my hair off my face with his fingers he said “rest for a bit. We still have 4 more days to get through.”

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ok would like to say the punishment i have to give my self isnt harsh enough i deserve worse but i will do as iam told.. my mentor knows my past he knows my past mistakes and he knows i messed up .AGFAIN am i ashamed yes. should i have said no iam good YES. but i didnt i was drinking and i dabbled into something i shouldn't have .. (not saying what ) i cant take it back and undo it... so i have to live with it ....only two people know what i have done and iam keeping it that way .. so you ask me what i deserve i deserve my ass tore up. i deserve for my mentor to never speak to me again.. and walk away i deserve to lose every friend i have meet on st.... i will say this DONT look down your noise at me we all make mistakes in our lives and have to live with them.... if you live in a glass house u shouldnt throw stones just saying... i have to live with this ... the guilt is killing me the pain is killing me and the knowing i have disappoint ntment and pissed him off royal is enough .. so again this is what i feel i deserve..... dont judge me..... i do that enough on my won ty .... Cassy

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So anyone who is friends with me on here or has read any of my previous blog posts from forever ago knows that I was not being spanked by the guy I was with and wasn't able to find a top to do it for me. Well that horrible judge mental relationship I was in before ended about 3 years ago and I met an amazing man. He was perfect and seemed to have some Top style behavior so I hinted about spanking but after facing horrible rejection in the past would never just come out and say it. So we've been together almost 3 years, got engaged, had a beautiful baby boy together and I still hadn't told him about my need to be disciplined. I mean I loved him and he was everything I wanted, he would even scold me when I did something wrong for god sakes! He was so close to a Top and he treats me amazing. Fear got he best of me for 3 years. If he rejected me or my needs I would be crushed. I didn't want to face he rejection. Well I've been being pretty bad lately, lazy, smart mouth, just things I know I shouldn't do but I don't have consequences that I know I should so I just keep doing it and I've been fighting this need for so long that I finally told him, everything. All that I wanted, why I feel I need it, and the importance of it too me and how I'd been rejected for it and he simple said I can do that for you. You don't need to feel ashamed about that, I love you and if you feel you need it I will do it. I probably won't be very good at first since I've never done anything like this but I will try my best. I love his man and I am so happy. He does need work he's spanked me 3 times so far very short like maybe 20 smacks total but he's getting there!! I'm so happy :)

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'Twas late that Summer (August, dear.)
Tough Brad wuz in his senior year.
It wuz nine-teen-seventy-three.
An', what went down? You'll sure agree!
Brad weren't a "bad kid" though he had
been t' reform school. Sump'n bad
had gone down with a stolen car
but got stopped 'fore it went too far!
Brads mom wuz Kayleen, brown haired, cute,
an', sometimes? She could be a hoot!
Mom wuz a country gal at heart.
Believed in Bigfoot. Ohhhh.....don't start!
A Holy Roller church gal, who
sure feared th' Lake O' Fire, too.
With pals, at times, Th' Bible talked
when 'round their trailer park she walked.
She wuz a young mom at nineteen.
Heck! Better moms are seldom seen!
Now thirty six, sure young enough
for cut off jeans an' other stuff:
like tank tops, goin' barefoot an'
jist layin' out an' gettin' tanned.
With Brad in high school Mom, one day,
went in to clean his room. Okay,
but found thar hidden, 'neath his bed,
some risque writins'. 'Nuff wuz said!
Cuz with th' writin' wuz some pics
that Brad had drawed. 'Twas quite a fix.
There, wrought in pencil, wuz some chicks
a-givin' hot vagina licks!
Kayleen wuz shocked, but noticed still
that one looked like Brad's girlfriend, Jill.
So, mom decided, then an' there,
that Brad must git a strappin' bare.
When Brad got home, mom's tone wuz stern.
What wuz his punishment? He'd learn!
Brad hoped he'd jist git lectured, but
his mother told him What Wuz What.
Brads dad, named Wally, wuz a man
real workin' class, ya understand.
They had two girls, twins, age eighteen,
three younger gals, cute as you've seen.
Them five gals they had birthed, 'cides Brad.
So, them six kids is what they had.
One twin, 18, wuz three months wed,
but down th' aisle one's not been lead.
But, anyways, their folks sure felt
th' leather strap had t' be dealt
from time t' time fer naughty stuff
cuz it's fair discipline, tho rough!
So, straightaway, mom said t' Brad,
"When he gets home I'm tellin' dad.
Yer Paw can deal with you all right:
he'll whup ya good before tonight!"
Brad did not wish his tush smacked red,
so, to his mother, Brad done said:
T' GIT A WHUPPIN!" Brad wuz bold!
Yet Kayleen stopped Brad, told him this,
'bout Holly Maye, his married sis,
who, age eighteen, would scream an' wail
one last time whilst dad whaled her tail
jist one week 'fore her weddin' day.
Li'l gal waxed snotty. Had t' pay!
So, Brad give up, went t' his room,
but still hoped he'd sidestep his doom.
When dad got home around 'bout Four,
Brad heard 'em yakkin' through th' door.
Oh, what might happen now that he
has got back from th' factory?!
Then Wally yelled for him t' come
on out, and not try t' play dumb.
Brad stalked out and dad yelled "HEY SON,
Brad hadta doff all o' his clothes
an' squirm buck naked, head t' toes.
He sotra whined, but tried t' act
like this ain't nuthin' big, in fact.
Dad wuz all sweaty. He plopped down
right on th' sofa, with hard frown.
Brad, scared, tried t' pull back. Got yanked
right 'cross dads knees t' git well spanked!
Dad raised his wide, strong, calloused paw
about t' leave Brad's backside raw.
Mom scolded: 'Hey thar, don't yew fuss.
Jist take yer cracks an' don't yew cuss!
I know right sure ya done got fears
but y'all ain't dry behind th' ears!
Ya put yerself right in this fix
so yew kin darn well take yer licks!'
'bout thirty times dad slapped Brad's tail
with his huge muscled hand. Not frail!
Then Wally roared "GET READY, BOY!"
(Th' leather strap sure ain't no toy!)
Durn strap flashed down, 'twas thick, smooth, brown,
an' cut from cowhide. Made a sound
so harsh in crackin' Brads bare flesh.
His squeals was real. His tears was fresh!
'Bout forty times th' leather strap
would burn an' singe an' sting an' slap
from right t' left from left t' right.
It made Brad's young rump glow right bright.
Yet, Brad deserved th' swats he got.
He surely learnt that he must not
sass back t' cute Kayleen, his maw,
lest cowhide strap should scorch him raw!
Brad's rump wuz tender, sore an' red,
an' he got ordered straight t' bed
without no supper, not that night.
Could lay thar hungry. That's quite right.
Yo, Brad wuz mad his butt wuz beat!
His young cheeks seared with scorchin' heat.
One o' his sisters jist glanced in
to check if he's okay. His skin
was welted. He jist had t' bawl.
Brad lied: "Gosh, it don't hurt at all!"
'Oh right! Sure! It don't hurt!" she smirked,
then went ate supper. Brad wuz irked!
Brad knew strong shame. His anger, real.
In secret, Brad knowed he should feel
dad's calloused hand an' whuppin' strap
fer mouthin' off like some dumb sap.
Cuz now? Th' slate wuz done wiped clean.
Why's that? His spankin' didst DEMEAN.
Sin wuz forgiven by Kayleen.
Dang price got paid thru scourgin' scene!
Butt strappin' left Brad good an' clean.
Yeah, 'cross dad's knees he done got jerked.
An', guess what? Yup, th' spankin' worked!
It worked, cuz Brad t' mom went. He
winced "Sorry, mom, fer screw up!" Gee!
They hugged, an' Kayleen smiled "All right."
Brad grinned. He felt refreshed an' light!
An', see, it wuz Brad's daddy's right
t' thwack a bad lad. Scripture's right!
Brad got hitched 'bout nine months later.
He could truly be a satyr!
Sweet redhead Jill wuz fair an' plump.
Betimes they loved t' hump-hump-hump!
Brad had four cute kids. (Well, dads do!)
An', shucks, he had t' spank 'em, too!

Spank Sinn
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Stern and Erin arrived at Mistress Raven's, hand in hand, laughing. They entered through the foyer. To their right, there was a bar and tables. There was alot of business. There were beautiful woman and fit young men, moving among the patrons, quietly talking and serving drinks, at tables. This was a kind of staging area, to find the kind of companion you wanted.
To the leftt was a large room, where there was several small platforms. On these mini stages, various kinds of punishment took place. There was usually one girl and one fellow from Mistress's stable. They sometimes gave and sometimes received discipline. There were members who loved to be on display. A customer could join either the young man or woman, if there was room in their schedule. The displays changed every thirty minutes. The third stage was reserved, for whoever desired it, but they too, were limited to thirty minutes. Each platform had some type of restraint available, and with a turn of the wall, they could have a bench. All types of implements hung on the walls, on either side. There were probably easily a hundred people, with drinks, milling about, enjoying the show, so to speak. Others were awaiting their turn.
Mistress Raven had a lovely office, off the main salon. Stern and Erin, made their way through the crowd, looking for her. They reached her door and knocked. She had a camera outside. They heard the door unlock, and they entered.
"Oh, I thought you'd be arriving later, but I have everything ready." She rose and kissed them both. " I see by your faces, things are going well."
"They are, Mistress, very well, thank you,'
said Erin, smiling.
"Delightfully well," said Gregory.
"I tried to have my finalist here, for you to see. Two are on the platforms and the rest are either in private rooms below, servicing a client, or in the bar, waiting for a booking. I can show you them, on a closed screen monitor. They've all agreed to the terms and I have their contracts signed, should you approve."

"May I take your coat, Erin?" She asked.
Greg helped her out of it. She looked beautiful. He loved the jewelry on her neck and ears, another mark of his territory.
"Why, that looks enchanting, Erin! What a beautiful necklace... Oh, and earrings! A gift, I suppose."
"No one deserves then more", Greg beamed.
"I'm so glad you are both happy. Will she be leaving here, Greg?"
"After the Fair... So much to do before then!"
"Yes, I'm well aware! Let's get to it then. Sit down and I'll turn on the wall screen, and you'll be able to see all our delightful entertainers. You may, of course, veto any of my selections, but I'm sure you'll be pleased."
"Erin, please fix yourselves a drink, while Greg and I go over the staff."
She complied, Greg watched her red swollen fanny, as she walked away. He could see some bruising coming out, now. He had to tear his eyes away from her, to give Raven his attention.
He was familiar with many of the choices, so they were easily approved. The five remaining, were somewhat new, or not to his taste. He was able to see them in action, on screen. One was a fine young Master, big and strong. Two were beautiful young ladies, over the laps of gentlemen, receiving spankings. There was a blond dominatrix, whipping a man who was restrained to a wall, and a beautiful young man, being entered by a handsome gentleman. Stern approved the final five.
"You'll have to limit their hours this week. I want them in good shape to start, naturally."
"That goes without saying. The ladies are limited to hand spankings tonight. They will do other things this week, but I assure you, they will be pristine, come the Fair."
"Yes, Raven you never let us down! David and James will be very happy."
"As we have a little time left. I thought you might like to join Erin and I for a drink."
"Why, Greg, I do have a busy house, tonight, but I have you booked for an hour, and you're early, so I'm sure I can accommodate you, for a little while. What did you have in mind?"
"I'd like to watch, Raven. What you would do with her, I would like to see. You've done an incredible job training her!"
Erin felt a little unease. She really just wanted to be with Greg now. She hoped he would not be one, who wanted to share her. She'd hate that.... Raven was different, of course. She belonged to her first, and she loved her, in a way. But, if he wanted her, to service other men, it would be a big problem, for her. She knew that she had no say, but she hoped he wouldn't be that type of husband. She wanted to make him very happy, but only him. She'd have to find a way to talk to him about it, before they married.

Greg settled into a chair to enjoy their company.
Raven opened her drawer and extracted a collar and leash. "Here!", she said, pointing to the floor, at her feet. Erin immediately, kneeled there, and lifted her hair. Raven put the collar around her neck. She held the leash, as she stood.
"On your hands and knees, now." Raven removed a crop from the drawer.
The floor was covered in very soft, thick carpet, so Erin would not suffer any injury.
"Go." Erin crawled in front of her Mistress, never letting the leash pull tight. As she moved, Raven, swatted her hindquarters with a flourish and a twist of her wrist. It looked harmless enough, but each one, bit the skin, leaving a
squarish, red welt.
Erin crawled quickly, as the crop danced behind her, catching her bottom, her legs and even in between. She let out tiny yelps, like a little puppy. They circled the office, returning to the big desk.
"Up!", Erin kneeled and Raven reached into Erin's bra, lifting her breasts from their cups. They sat, perky above the lace demi cups and Raven played with the nipples, making them stiffen. She brought Erin to her feet, with a tug of the collar. Her full red lips sucked one nipple, then the other. She pinched them, then flicked them, with her finger, until they were hard and protruded. She attached nipple clamps to each, which were attached to a chain that dangled, heavily, between them.
"Oh, ouch, ow, OW!" Erin exclaimed. Her brow furrowed, in pain. Mistress put her hand on the chain and drew Erin closer.
Tears began their slow descent down her cheeks. Raven kissed her, and Erin responded. As their tongues rolled, Raven continued to pull and tug on the chain. It stretched her nipples outward. Stern sat, transfixed.
Raven slipped a rubber butterfly from her drawer and slipped it into Erin's thong. She unhooked the leash and attached a loop and golden cord to the dangling chain, between her breasts. She had a little plastic box in her other hand. She turned on some music. She backed Erin up with her crop, and joined Stern, in the other chair, opposite the desk. The chairs turned around, towards the door. Erin ended between them, facing them. .
"Dance". She pulled on the cord, and her nipples tugged. She played with the box, and a hum was heard. The butterfly vibrated in her underwear against her clit.
"Oh, Oh, oooOO!", Erin said, while rolling her hips, to the music and moving her hands up and down her pretty, tight body.
"Greg, be so kind as to get a paddle from my desk." He was glad to join in. He picked a wooden oval with a long handle.
As Erin danced, he smacked her bottom.
"Ouch!! Oh!! OWW!!!" She cried out, as the paddle caught her already sore bottom.
Raven continued to tug on the cord and slowly raised the strength of the butterfly. After a few dozen hits, Stern could hear her start to cum. He joined the Mistress, to see his beloved climax, while standing. The hum turned to a loud buzz.
"Oh, I'm... I'm going to... to....OoooooOoo, Her pretty mouth gasped for breath and her knees weakened, bending slightly, Her faced pinkened and her voice grew high. "Oh, yesssss, that's it.....Mmmmm, awwwww, ahhh, God!" She let go with a breathy exhale, as she finished.
Stern clapped in delight. "Beautiful, my dear, just beautiful.". The clamps were removed and Stern pocketed them and the butterfly, with Raven's blessing.
"Well, Raven, thank you, always a delight!
I'd better tuck my princess into bed, and get on back to the estate. I'm calling the Kings later."
He got Erin's coat, to cover her, while they made their way upstairs. He put his arm around her, giving her a squeeze. She smiled at him.
He put her to bed and took her, in an old fashioned way. She on her back, and him on top. He kissed her and complemented her. She blushed and smiled. They were both, very satisfied. He held her, until she fell asleep, kissed her forehead and then slipped, quietly away.
He couldn't believe, how much he loved this girl. He wished he didn't have to leave, but he'd get little rest, with her in his bed. He would need his rest, for the coming week!

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i have talk about what i have done . it was talked out and discussed. and taken care of... so all is ok now ....... will be punishing myself for a week ....pre request

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Rina sat on her bed dreading what would happen when her father came home and learned she had ditched school today. Mommy had already spanked her and had sent her to her bedroom to wait for daddy. She told Rina she’d might as well pull the desk chair into the middle of the room along with her hairbrush now as she would surely be doing that once mommy told him what she’d done. Being spanked by mommy hurt but nowhere near as much as being spanked by daddy. 2 months ago she was caught ditching class and they accepted her excuse that she hadn’t felt well. She got restriction for a week. At least mommy did. Daddy said he wasn’t buying it. He’d go along with mommy this time but if I ditched school again than regardless of my excuse he would put me over his knee and spank my bare bottom!
I wish I hadn’t listen to Carrie she thought. BFF told her the trick was to skip the whole day not a single class. Then call the school in the am the day they want to skip as her mom and excuse the absence then. It works all the time. Well after a great day at the mall Rina came home and discovered it doesn’t work all the time..the school does random checks. Mommy said they called and on finding out it was a bogus call the school checked with Carrie’s parents. Carrie was lucky tho since her mom and dad didn’t believe in spanking.
She couldn’t help feeling sorry for herself as she sat there looking at the chair with her hairbrush on the seat. Tears started to fall from her eyes.
She heard daddy’s truck pull into the driveway and him coming in the back door a couple of minutes later. She didn’t hear anything for a bit...she guesses mommy was telling him about ditching school.
At the sound of his footsteps on the stairs Rina quickly wiped her face and sat up straighter on the bed. He came into her room. He picked up the brush and said;
“Well young lady what do you have to say for yourself?” I didn’t know what to say so I kept my eyes downward.
“Stand up and come over here. Now. Look at me when I’m talking to you.”
I stood there looking at him but when he said it looked like a week restriction didn’t teach me a lesson I couldn’t help but look away I was so scared. Daddy stood up then and taking my arm and turning me to the side started to spank my behind. I said “Look at me when I talk I to you.” He sat back down and repeated the question.
“No sir.”
“And what did I say I’d do if you ditched school again?”
Keeping my eyes on his I quietly said,
“You’d put me over your knee and spank me.”
“Actually Rina, I said I would put you over my knee and spank your bare bottom. Isn’t that right?”
“Yes” I whispered and tears began to fall.
“Save your tears Rina. Hike up your dress and pull down your underpants. Now get over my knee. You’ll be crying real tears soon enough.”
I lifted my skirt in back and pulled my panties down. I put myself over his knee.
“How old are you?” like he didn’t know. The rule was 1 swat per year plus x number. It use to be plus 2 but as my brother and I got older our plus swats increased. Daddy said we didn’t need a spanking as often but when we did he’d up the plus swats every time. My brother was at 2; I was at 5.
“I’m 17 daddy”.
Daddy didn’t bother telling me how many swats I had coming nor did he make me count them. We both knew. He lifted his hand and brought the brush down.
“Ow ow owie please daddy.” “SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!
Daddy was only half way done and I didn’t know if I could take anymore.
“Please daddy I promise I won’t ever ditch school again!”
I was sobbing and wailing. My legs were kicking but daddy held me in place and delivered his final 5 spanks.
He let me lie there a minute so I could calm myself a bit. He used the time to quietly scold me on my behavior. When I quieted to those shudder breaths he lowered my dress and said I could stand and pull up my panties. I did so. Then he stood up and taking my chin in his hands he tilted my face up and said “I don’t like spanking you but I love you and I will spank you when you need a spanking. You needed that spanking. No more ditching school. Remember that and remember you’re up to plus 6.
I nodded my head and he pulled me close for a hug. He kissed the top of my head and murmured “what ever will I do with you. That just about broke my heart.”
“I’m sorry daddy. I’ll be good.”
“I know you will pumkin. Get ready for bed.. Mommy will send up some dinner for you in a little bit.

That never happened to me but I sorta wished it had!

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how does one go about findin that ONE person u can tell ALL to?........that ONE person u trust 100% ? ... that ONE person who builds u up n makes u feel good?... that ONE person who will hold u accountable when u fuck up?... that ONE person u can be urself with all the time?..... that ONE person who u cant wait to be with n u hope cant wait to be with u.......that ONE person who misses u as much as u miss them when ur apart?..that ONE person who isn't ashamed to let others know ur "with" them... lol yeah I'm a dreamer............

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so i majorly messed up yesterday ..i am not saying w hat i did but the one person that needs to know knows... iam really really really ashamed. and know he is probably really disappointed in me.. iam disappointment in myself dont know if i can fix this .. and its driving me crazy....cassy what did you do DAM..... i would self punish myself but that's not good enough .... stands in corner..... feeling really bad

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I still don't have any enema video here. But I'm planning to make it. If you have good ideas about scenario - you are welcome - here or in private message. What pose do you like? How much water? What kind of equipment?

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We had a slow morning, G was up a 9 am, I had actually slept until 7.15 am and woke with no back ache for once. In fact I didn't believe I was awake at first because I'm so used to the normally morning pains.

G had a shower and I treated myself to another bath reading my book. We got dressed and went for a drive to find somewhere for breakfast. As we were on a budget, we weren't paying the prices at the hotel.

We visited the nearest Tesco supermarket but there was only a coffee shop, selling drinks and cake so we didn't fancy that. But we bought meal deal sandwiches for lunch then went for a mystery drive to find a pub or cafe. The nearest Carvery pub had got only 1 star so we didn't fancy that either. We ended up in a housing estate and found a small shopping centre with a cafe, it looked very busy inside. So we went there for a cooked breakfast that was yummy.

We then headed back to the hotel for some fun before we were going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Once we arrived G told me I had to get naked again. The staff had been in the room to clean and opened the window. So our nice warm room was back to freezing again. But I stripped as I was told.

"Time for your morning spanking I think." G told me. He took everything off the coffee table and placed a pillow on it.

I asked if we could video this one so G took a few minutes to set up the camera, I took out the cuffs, getting mentally prepared. Once he was ready he told me to lie over the pillow.

Cuffing my wrists to the table legs, I grabbed the legs to hold onto. Taking the pillow into my mouth to bite on G started with Mr Loopy. This is a high impact loopy make from cable. It's pretty nasty, sharp and doesn't need much of a hit to hurt like hell. I started screaming into the pillow almost immediately, then G took my gag and fastened it around my mouth. It did prevent most of the screaming but I knew I was a bit loud. G enjoyed videoing today, positioning the camera at different angles, but when he changed angle I got more and more swats with the loopy. My usual 30 swats was now at least 60. For a change, G used the strap 5, 10 times, standing between my legs he swatted upwards for a change of area to hit. My mind was just a blur of pain. As our wooden paddle had snapped G took the Mr Spikey paddle and used the wooden side instead of the spikes. This made a hefty clap and an even heftier wallop on my burning bum, which was starting to feel numb.

He grabbed my hair and told me off for crying like a baby, and told me to stop crying. I nodded my head, I understood I had to focus really hard and stop crying. Easier said than done though......

G finished up with the loopy once more. Ensuring ALL of my bottom was covered, from the sides to sit-spot to the top of my bottom. I was beside myself by the end.

G asked if I had enjoyed my spanking and I nodded. "What do you say ?" he asked. "Thank you Master" I managed to say still wearing the gag. He carefully rubbed a lot of cream on my tender bum and legs then undid the cuffs, took my gag off and gave me a kiss. He pointed to the corner and said "I think that's the perfect spot for your time-out.

So I stood in the corner with my hands on my head, G took a few photos. He then said "Come over and stand on the chair and continue your time-out." I turned to look and he had placed the chair in front of the window with the curtains open. I looked at him and had a big smile on his face. I climbed on the chair, hands on my head fully naked. I stayed there for a few minutes when I was allowed to get down. G had again taken a few photos.

We finished the play by G wanting a bj stood by the window. This started off as fun until G pushed my head further down, not letting me up. He started thrusting his cock further towards my throat as I tried to push away. But I wasn't winning. By the time his pre-cum had leaked out I started the gag. I couldn't breath, I couldn't do much as he came, his seed rushing into my mouth, no where for it to go, I started gagging again but conscious that I couldn't let any escape. So I kept my lips tight around his cock until he let go of my head and I was able to move him to the side of my cheek and swallow his gift once more. Ensuring his cock was perfectly clean, I released him and gave his tip a kiss. Getting up off the floor was hard though as my bottom was feeling swollen and the welts were bruising. I knew it was going to be very tender all day.

"MMMmmmmmmmmmmm perfect." I think.

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I cuddled up once more next to G, my bits felt sore and well used. I liked that a lot.

I started to stroke his hard cock under his jeans, teasing it, fingers tracing his balls and rubbing his thighs.

"Would you prefer me to be naked?" he asked, I nodded quickly. So he stood up and stripped his clothes quickly. His cock sprang up once out of the confines of his boxer shorts. Sitting down, I continued to play with his cock and balls. I knew he was close, I'd felt his pre-cum and seen it glisten. "Don't make me cum, i want to enjoy this for as long as possible." he whispered. So I cupped his balls gently until he said, "Let's have a bath."

I didn't need asking twice, I loved a bath or shower with him, I filling the bath up, plenty of bubbles and said it was ready. The water was still too hot for G, so we splashed the cold water around until it was cool enough. He climbed in first then I climbed in at the other end. That was the tap end so I couldn't lie back so I just enjoyed splashing the water over him, playing with his balls once more. I gently stroked his bottom, my fingers sliding over his hole, just tapping his entrance like I know he enjoys. We were both so relaxed we stayed for ages just doing this. I then grabbed the sponge, soaped it up and washed his body. This again is such a beautiful intimate time, and we stayed like this for ages. Eventually I lay my head over his chest and used my hands to wash over us both.

After a while though the water was too cold for G, so I turned around, turned the hot tap on and sat between his legs. It didn't take long for the water to heat up again. so turning it off, I lay back and enjoyed G washing my tits and playing with my nipples. I think since I got them pieced, my nipples started to feel more sensitive, and I found I was actually close to cumming just from this. It's never happened before. Even G was surprised so he continued, seeing my enjoyment.

I've no idea how long we stayed there, we had some fun taking selfies, sending one to our playmate friend, saying Wish you were here. She replied quickly saying So do I.

I was very pleased with her response.

So we eventually climbed out, I wrapped a towel around him, then did mine. I felt it appropriate that I served him first. We sat wrapped up on the sofa for a bit then G said "I will have a blowjob now please."

I got up, towel still wrapped but G quickly undid it, "No clothes remember."

I smiled at him as i knelt down between his knees. I kissed him gently, kissing his tip, and started to watch the reaction on his face, instead of closing my eyes like I normally do. He looked down at me and smiled, the love between us was so intense. I opened my mouth as wide as possible to take him fully in my mouth, my jaw stretching wider, it hurt a little.

But I continued to take him full into my mouth, closing my mouth only when he was fully in, holding his cock with my jaw and lips I then slid down to kiss and play with his head. Doing this motion over and over until I tasted his pre-cum. G fisted my hair and once I had him full into my mouth he held me there so I couldn't slide back. His tip touching my throat. Quickly G started thrusting, going more into my throat as I tried to move backwards but he held me firm as his cum shot into my mouth. I couldn't breath, I couldn't swallow until he had stopped thrusting. Then I slid him to the side of my mouth so I could swallow his gift. I heard him chuckle as I took a breath quickly. He knew I wasn't a fan of deep throating but my squirming only encouraged him more. But if I'm truly honest I enjoy the discomfort of doing these things, knowing he's loving it too.

We popped out for a meal and enjoyed our company together for the rest of the night. We had a few drinks, watched a rubbish film then headed for bed. Both of us spent and happy.

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