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Oh Daddy when I think I all the times I've been bad
And acted so selfish and made you so mad
Drank one too many, gave your best friend a pout
And acted flirtatious on your office night out
All of those times when my skirt was too short
It's was no fun being naughty if I didn't get caught
But I want you to know that most of the time
I obeyed your instructions and I stayed right in line

Oh Baby I know that girls will be girls
I'll give you examples all over the world
But I want you to know that as long as your mine
That no girl is an Angel, well not all of the time
So keep having fun cos I love how you blush
When we're out on the town with my hand on your tush
And for each little thing you do that's not allowed
You do 50 fold more things that make me so proud

But Daddy when I parked your car into the wall
And Stayed out until all hours forgetting to call
Ive hidden your paddle I've stolen your cash
Threw your best pair of jeans straight out in the trash
I've left the taps running while filling the tub
Went out for a cigarette, came back to a flood
And gave you so many looks and lots of backchat
Those terrible tantrums like a childish brat

You've answered to me for all of those crimes
Going over my knee has become a pastime
I've paddled your backside I've sent you to bed
Confiscated your iPad and turned your ass red
I've scolded you, grounded you, I've made you do chores
Lost count of the times you've ended up on all fours
So between you and me babe, I'd say we're all square
And girls such as you are exceedingly rare

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Hi all
Does anyone share my experience of being bent over and slippered at school?
I don't think I was a really unruly pupil but back in the 1970s I always seemed to get picked out for punishment.
I got slippered one time for shrugging when being asked to explain myself...teachers back then sure had a short fuse!
Sports masters incentive for slacking was to encourage a slow runner with helpful thumping whacks on the behind...and if I complained at home my parents used to say what did you do to deserve it! It was a no win situation... I'm not at all surprised I grew up liking spanking!

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I have over 150 friend requests that I have to go through. I have since come out of hiding. My last two videos shows exactly how I look. Because of that. I can no longer accept friend request or people that I do not know as my friend. The friends that I have now have been with me for years. Therefore, I know who they are, they know who I am. They are Not going any where and neither am I.
It would be great to have more friends. Since I enjoy meeting people who are in this lifestyle. But unfortunately I am unable to have them as a friend if we have no real opportunities to get to know each other better. I used to accept people I didn't know as my friend. But because of me revealing my real identity, I just can't take that risk any longer.

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About twice a month, Spankingpersonalads.Com allows for free messaging between members. Today June 28th, 2017 is one of those days.

I have no connection to the site, other than being a member.

Send Messages FREE Today 7pm - 1am East

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I would rather a spanking than have a bedtime ..3mins till lights out

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Firstly, I want to thank those of you who thought my suggestion was not wrong yesterday. But now I'm feeling very guilty about what happened, and I know I had no right to act like I did.
At the moment G is under so much stress at work it's really affecting him, mentally and physically. He's know working his job plus 4 other roles that he should have staff for. Instead they take a member of staff away, and expect G to do all 5 jobs, when all he has is meeting after meeting, about what they should do, instead of just doing the work.
He gets up and is immediately in work/stress mode, emails have been sent to him, viruses are hitting everywhere making his bosses worry if they hit the company. So that morning he was well and truly in work mode, so my idea of him taking our son to work didn't go down well as he wanted to get to the Dr's early and hopefully get in early, then drive the 1 hour and 20 minute journey to a job he hates. Plus we both know how long E takes to get ready.
I know, I do it every day, so I should have just not mentioned it. Funny how you look back and can understand why he did what he did, and how wrong my actions were too.

Last night we didn't really speak about my tantrum. He came home after 7 pm, very tired after another stressful day. We were polite to each other but no mention of the morning events. I knew I hadn't got away with my behaviour, but at 8.45 pm I gave him a kiss and went for my shower before bed. I never asked about his blowjob, if I could leave it or do it, frankly I did not think he deserved it.
In bed I got a message from him on my phone, I have to take it to bed to control the tv as the controller isn't working.
I had 4 extra pages of lines to do, plus my usual 2 and sketch. New lines;
I am a slave, I have no rights, I must as instructed with a smile.
Do not dare question this.
He said, I don't give a shit if you think you're hard done by, you do as you're told and remember you place. There was no blowjob, no asking if it could be left, you know the rules. Maybe if we find a couple to play with, I will leave you at home when you don't deserve any fun because of your behaviour. I will just go and have some fun then come home and tell you all about it. That might make you behave.
I don't like that idea, but if we found a couple we really got on with, then there's a chance he may, we all know when he suggests something it's serious.

This morning I slept in til 5 am, I got up, made a coffee, tv on and I started on my lines. When G got up he was in a rush to get to work but he did not miss my spanking. Kneeling on the chair, his hand went on my back, a sure sign this was going to be bad. I wasn't wrong, as powerful swats hit my right cheek, my eyes already teary. Left side felt even harder but 10 across both cheeks I was screaming quietly into the chair. My eyes filled up, then when it was over G stood with his arms open and I fell into his arms, burying my face in his neck. I felt terribly guilty bout how I reacted. My backside throbbed, was burning, tingling, I was pretty sure I was probably bleeding a bit, but I deserved it. I went straight to sit on my stool for contemplation time, it was hard sitting on my right side. I could almost feel the internal bruising coming out. Once done I got up, finished the lines and went for a shower. I had been bleeding a little.

I drove E to work, went to the pet shop, then grocery shopping, Came home, unpacked, cooked the meat for dinner tonight, then went out with the dogs for their walk. By the time I got back it was 11.45 am. I still had the sketch to do. I ate my lunch when I got a message of G. He wanted me to start my labia stretching again on my original rings not the new ones. I asked if I could do that whilst doing my sketch but G said No. He likes me to concentrate whilst doing the stretches and do a lot of thinking, and after my strop I think I had plenty to think about. My labia felt okay with the stretching, even though it's still swollen a little, so soon I will be able to start on them too. I ordered more padlocks for the new rings, so they can be done altogether. But by the end of the hour, I was ready to take them off.
G chose the picture for me to sketch, a woman in the middle with 4 guys doing bukkake play. He would love to see me do this one day.

So tonight I am to treat Master to some good attention, foot massage, blowjob, ball licking, possibly rimming and if IF I do a good job he will pass on another spanking, IF I get him hard again he may fuck me. I'm really hoping E is going out but he's not messaged to say so. But I will behave myself.

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so as i said other day alot going on in my life right now .. my truck was sent back to the truck place where i was buying it not worth fixing.. so been with out a truck for over a i have two kids home on summer vacation up each other butts... 13 and 11 LORD kill me now i have been trying to stay busy in my garden and doing yard work ... cutting down all the bamboo in my yard. witch is over 40 feet tall NOT KIDDING... i have thought about dating lately but .. i have enough bullshit in my life going on ... dont want booty calls or one night stands iam worth more then that .. and if the guy doesnt then fuck him ..

now to the other stuff that's bothering me ..... i was talking to SOMEONE yesterday about what all iam dealing with in my life .. and he said some things that really bothered me .. so i need to vent now to get the shit off my mind ... for years i have had alot of mental abuse treated like crap .. and have felt useless and no good . iam not talking about my last marriage iam talking about the last 50 years of my life. i was abandoned as a child was adopted into a family that didnt want me .. 2 really bad marriages .. raped 2 times and kidnapped when i was younger .. well i was telling the person i was trying to over come what all i have been though .. and he said (its easy to over come that you just dont want to ) my mouth just dropped and i was so annoyed . who in there write mind would want to live with all that stuff locked in there mind sitting there for years and not being able to get rid of it .. having back flashes and bad dreams and panic attacks and just sit there and cry for no dam reason .. when u have had things drilled into your head for years it dont go away that easy .. of just stop thinking about it ya ok ... HOW ???? its apart of my life i cant just take it out of my head and have a normal life.. one thing i do know is iam a strong woman... i use to let people walk allover me but now i have a mouth .. and when i feel someone is wrong i tell them .. 9 times out of 10 they dont listen to me but i speak my mind..

one thing i do need to do is look at myself .. a good lomg look do i like who iam do i want to change me ? i have came out of my shell alot i would never do pics or videos of my elf like i have . someone told me iam showing the wrong side of me to people .. so i said to him what side do i need to show... he said dress pretty and do your make up nice come across a a good woman and maybe i would get a man ... i said what are you talking about i dont dress slutty .. i always look good and iam a very nice woman ... lord he said maybe u could find a good man at church... he said do you know what type of men ore on them sites i said yes.. i do .. men that are in my life style .. he said no perverts mean that only want one thing think about girl. think about what your doing to your self .. so he got me thinking also .... lord everything is driving me crazy ..about to saw fuck it and become a nun or just change my whole self ... i dont know .. iam tired for always questioning myself about everything iam doing or saying or thinking yall have any advice....?????

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Tonight we are going to meet a couple we have been talking to on the swingers site we joined. This would be our third social and hoping this one will work out.
This couple were both straight and strictly soft swing, their likes were similar to ours though not into spanking. That's fine as not everyone is. Plenty of oral, finger fucking and toys. He was 10 years older, though he doesn't look it, she was about 5 years older, again I wouldn't think that from the photo's we had seen. And if they are accurate, they were a very sexy looking couple. As it was a straight swing, I could focus more on just him, and I liked what I saw, but I also liked what I saw in her, I think G would find her sexy and as she's happy to kiss girls, I actually felt comfortable with the idea of kissing her. I could imagine playing with him, and this has been the first time I felt this way.

My only reservations were; would we be too vanilla for them. The photo's they had on their profile showed her enjoying 5 guys, sat on the floor with 5 cocks all around her. They liked to go to the parties and clubs though not as much these days, They enjoy dogging, cuckolding,play with a glory hole, role play and he particularly enjoys bukake.
We've never taken part in these things, yes a glory hole is just holes cut out of sheets or boards and all the guys stick their cocks through there. The girl just enjoys them. Sometimes it could be just her husbands cock, then swapped to another guy to see if the girl knows whose cock was whose. I can suck cock, I think I do it well, G never complains and he's never yet not cum. So I must do something right.
This bukake, I've had G cum all over me, and that's all it is. A group of guys cumming over the girl, So I could do that.
But all their experience does still make me nervous that I won't be good enough. I'm sure G has a few concerns but he is far more confident that I am.
But there must have been something about us that they liked as we chatted instantly and seemed to get along. I think they were pleased to find another couple who would not fuck. They said themselves, it was difficult to find a couple that won't. So many couples said to them, oh you will change your mind once you're in the moment. They said, No they won't, so didn't go with them.
But maybe it's a good thing they're so experienced, they can help us start this new play. Maybe go with us to certain clubs they said aren't seedy.
One club we've just been told about looks more classy, warm and friendly, they are open during the day, which would be good for me, and they do a nude session which really appeals. They did warn us that often there are a lot more singles that show up during the day, and more fellas than girls. But that's something to think about for the future.

I got my usual nerves leading up to going out, couldn't decide what to wear so got it down to 2 outfits, I waited for G to come home to help me choose. Settled on a royal blue short sleeve bucket blouse, a navy corduroy skirt, navy blue canvas wedge sandals, navy cardigan and blue bag. G wore a sky blue polo shirt and jeans. We were set.

We arrived first, got a window seat and G bought us some drinks. We chatted about anything, passing the time then they showed up. It was so nice to see that they were exactly like their photos, S had a lovely figure, slim build, quite tall, long blond hair, C was taller, carrying a few extra pounds, balding with greyish hair, very tanned skin but very handsome. She sat next to me, C was in front of her. Then we just chatted and seriously, we felt like we'd known each other for years, both the guys had a love for the fast cars, going to car rally's, C is a plumber and I think S works in an office, though she never said exactly what she did. They had many tales to tell us about house parties, dogging, (absolutely no way would I go for that,) clubs, that's when they mentioned this club I fancied going too. But we chatted and never stopped. We didn't even stop to eat anything, we had a few drinks until, eventually we realised it was 10.15 pm. When C said they better go home and have something to eat. We couldn't believe how fast the evening went and how well we got along. I did feel I was quiet though and some of the things they were discussing I really didn't know what it was, and I didn't want to ask in case I looked stupid. G knew so he could chat away about it with them.

One funny story he mentioned was going to a club that had different sections, a BDSM set up, A tattoo stage, where a woman was tattooed head to foot as a lizard, her tongue was split to resemble a lizards, and she was doing a show, with wax play. C said it was quite strange. But the BDSM stage had an older man ( in his 70's ) cuffed to a St Andrews Cross, naked getting whipped by this Dominatrix, but he was amazed to see this man had a rock hard cock. Now this was the time I suppose I could start talking as of course I know how turned on I get so I understood this man's excitement too. But I guess, I didn't want to show too much enthusiasm in this in case it put them off, I will eventually but I know it's not what they like so I wouldn't ask them to part take in it. But it did make me chuckle, if only they knew all we did in our play. But each person has their own kink.
I did however think later today, how would C react if when we played I had a bruised bum or a very bruised bum. I think I will have to ask because if it puts them off, I'm not prepared to ensure my bum is mark free for if and when we meet. As we enjoy our play too much, I will talk it over with G too. This could be the deciding factor.

But for now, I can honestly say I hope we meet again and hope next time will be for a play. C said he was keen but he was going to chat with S and see what she thinks before they can say yes or no. But he knows that we are certainly keen.
Hopefully we will have another meet soon with a different couple, ideally we would love 3-4 couples we could play with as and when we felt like it. We don't want a meet list as long as my arm, when it seems you would be was another notch on the bed post. We just want friends with benefits as they say.

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Mark brought home a gift, my first hairbrush shaped like a paddle! He's says he going to use it on my bared arse, but I'm not to know when!
He knows I'll be stressing over this now as I've never been properly spanked with an implement, other than the shoe horn but that's always Been a few smacks to be honest.

So hairbrushed veterans...what can I expect?

He also informs me hi Dad and stepmum are coming to stay! That means his dad will be watching my every move, willing me to get spanked for the slightest misdemeanour. Well if that's the case then he better brace himself for the worst behaved daughter in law in the land.
I refuse to go over anyone's knee, chair, bed or sofa without a fight or a good time first.

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Hey, just thought I'd update. (didn't get to go to the birthday dinner btw.

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Just in case you've wondered.

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So,... topping from the bottom again, are we...?

What I mean, you ask?
Well that’s easy to explain:


You feel neglected, because I didn’t spend as much time with yout today, as I did yesterday… you feel like someone else is more important to me… mmh… Then what, boy?
Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrright, you feel like acting up to get my attention, because pissing me off is better than nothing at all, right?

Topping from the bottom, that’s bratting yourself into trouble on purpose, that’s forgetting your manners on purpose (upps! I forgot to call you “ma’am”) that’s spilling my coffee over my lap saying “better the coffee’s over your lap than me, hehe”

Yeah, I’m getting it.

“You’re a brat, you just can’t help it.”
“But it’s all playfuland never meant to be bad!”
“You don’t do it on purpose!” (yeah right!)
“You were born that way!”

Am I close? Yes, figured as much.

Honestly, I don’t tolerate topping from the bottom. If you feel like you need your butt blistered, just ask me, and don’t give me an attitude!

Stop throwing yourself on the floor like a 4yro, throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of the supermarket! Yes, not annoying at all!

You want attention?
Ask for it but don’t step on my nerves, boy, because you might get more than you wanted!

Brat, back off! I’m not playing that game! ugh…
Again, sorry, but I had to get rid of this.


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With my own personal spanking Odyssey mainly confined to self flagellation (personal circumstances allowing) with a bit of rare outside help, I am always in awe of lifestyle spankers/spankees personally I always have a period of spankiness roughly every month in which I crave some kind of pain on my bottom, this can be sharp objects pressed to the skin not so much as to bleed but firm pressure or conventional straight forward whacking the feeling of physical well being and being purged is what drives me and then with or without orgasm I am always satiated afterwards.
It is quite difficult for me to find the time to commit to finding a kindred soul and I err towards firm older men or older women to participate its just the way I'm wired,I always appreciate discreet meets in the Essex area and unfortunately am unable to accommodate.
Loving this site and its friendly vibe
Regards chub

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thought I would stir the pot a little.
I met my husband in the BDSM scene in a major city. Initially, I had been looking for Masters with loads of experience that I could learn from. I wanted to take my newly shed divorced self, graft it to my new BDSM self and upon creating a new life for myself...Find a long term relationship in which to exercise my new self.

I ended up in a contract relationship, which eventually turned to marriage, which produced a child. The 'playtime' and experience I gained I loved but currently, do not have much of a place for it in my physical reality.

We play a few times per year. I have wanted to reinvent our personal contract to better suit who we are in the now. He seems to have no interest in reinventing anything. Hmmm I ask does this sound like a reaction to a lifestyle choice or perhaps it was only a fad all along...for one or for both participants

love hearing from folks feedback is always interesting :-)

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Last night we went out to the pub to meet friends, we had a lovely evening but got home later than we planned, plus we thought we were going to have a meal but didn't. So we got home at 10.30pm, and both of us rushed to get anything for a tea. I ate some toast but started to feel sick so I left it ad went to bed. It was after 11pm by the time I got to sleep.

The dogs decided to wake me.barking on the stairs, The cat was outside, miaowing loudly to come in then the next door neighbours came home rather noisily. That was 2 am. So I got up.

G was at the Dr's at 9.10 am, and it's not far from E's work, so I decided ask if he would mind taking him to work on the way to the Dr's. He said, "Nor=t really, I kinda just wanna go the Dr's then head to work." He was already in work mode.
"But you will be nearly there,so you could take him on the way." I stated.
"Not really, I'd have to go past the Dr's, drop him off, then come back again." He told me.
"Fine, if you don't wanna take him, I'll do it, I just thought It was on the way." I said very stroppily.
"But it's not really on the way." G said.
"OK, Fine. I will do it." I said, I was fuming. As I knew we would be leaving at the same time, following each other in the cars until the last section, where it's about 2 minutes to drop him off and get back to where I was.
I wasn't dressed by then, mainly because I thought G would do the lift, so I got up and said I'd better get my shower then. I was in a mega strop.
"Hang on, I need the bathroom." He said.
"Fine." I just said, sitting back down again, Miss Stubborn and Miss Brat were appearing.
I went upstairs to make the bed, tidy up and choose clothes to wear, G finished in the bathroom and went to his office.
I fumed in the shower, then went to lie on the bed to dry off. G had gone downstairs and quite frankly, I didn't want to speak to him, so staying out of the way was the best option.
But eventually the time came to go downstairs, I had chores to do.
I popped my head into E's bedroom to check he was awake he was so I knew I didn't have to call him again.

I went down and G tried to start conversations but got no where with me.
"What's the matter ? Why are you in a mood ?" He asked, I knew he was now in a nark too.
"Nothing. " I told him, as I tidied up, gave the dogs their medication, sat down to put my make-up on, Still not speaking.
Then I got up to start tidying the kitchen. G stood up and asked again what was up, Are you tired.
I gave a snotty, "Well, yeah obviously." reply back.
"I'm only trying to make polite conversation, shouldn't have fucking bothered." He retorted.
A sure sign he was now in a deep nark with me as he never uses the F word normally.

I then started to concentrate on cleaning the kitchen, then emptying the dishwasher.
"I think your morning spanking is necessary now." He told me. I ignored him and carried on in the kitchen.
After a minute or 2, he came into the kitchen, paddle in his hand. I continued to ignore him.
When I finished emptying it, I started to reload, when G said, "Morning spank now."
I threw him a filthy look and walked into the living room, hitched up my skirt and knelt on the chair.
There was no little hand rub or tickle with the paddle, just a sudden excruciatingly hard swat. I gripped the back of the chair, as he finished 10 on my right cheek and started on my left. It was so hard but I refused to make much noise and I certainly wasn't gonna cry. After that 10 I tried to move back, but he pushed me back down and held me there. "Stay back down." He ordered.
I did a count in my head, it helps me get through the spankings, especially when they're a punishment and very hard.
Finally the 10 was up, I stood up, face frosty, glaring anywhere but at him.
"I do not like morning attitudes, you know that. So step outta it. Do you hear me ?" G asked.
"Yes " I said disrespectfully. "Do you want another spanking ?" He asked. "No." I replied, like a stroppy teenager.
He handed me the paddle to put away, "Thank you for my morning spanking, Master." I told him, how can I describe my voice..........sarcastic / mean'ish / very stroppily / bratty / bitchy. Do you get the idea ?

I walked back into the kitchen to continue. I didn't do contemplation time nor did I ask if I could do it after, as E was now up.
As I expected we all left at the same time, we followed G towards the Dr's until we turned right. 2 minutes later I had dropped E off and was headed home again. It would have taken at the most another 5 minutes to do this for me.That's why it pissed me off.

Usually by now I wudda sent an apology message to Master, whilst he was at work.
He must be very very busy as I've had no messages regarding my strop this morning.
I'm gonna go to bed now, see if I can snooze as G wont be home til nearer 6 pm today. I'm not sure this will be the end of the matter, I've a feeling not, so have to wait and see. But it was not a good start to the day.

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Last weekend Jen and I travelled back to Co.Wexford for a meeting of our Circle. We had all decided to dress,as close as we could,in school uniform.Jen always looks very sexy in her school uniform,we purchased this uniform from a seller in Amsterdam two years ago and it really suits her. Sir D started the proceedings by giving each of us,11 naughty people,a list of rules which had to be obeyed.We had a lot of fun and there was a lot of spankings,slipperings and canings dished out to errant 'schoolies'. Having a past in the education process I found myself appointed Vice Principal of our little 'sitting room school'; a role I enjoyed when it came to administering spankings to Miss C,Miss F and Jen. Much to Jen's delight all present admired her school uniform.the guys at our Circle meeting found it very fetching and two 'naughty boys' found themselves receiving the cane from Sir D for making 'improper suggestions to Jennifer during History class'.

As usual in our Circle we do some cooking and like to sit around and have good food and even better drink. The adage 'drink loosens tongues' became evident when Miss G admitted to stealing a book a few years ago in a convent school in the West of Ireland,when she said this everyone went quiet and expected her to relate what happened when she was caught. It turned out that Miss G was never brought to book,pardon the pun, for her act of theft. She explained that she had been given lines and detention by a nun,a nun who always had a copy of 'Confessions by St.Augustine' on her desk. One day Miss G entered the classroom of this nun when no one else was about and decided to exact revenge for the lines and detention by stealing the nun's book. Miss G went on to relate to us that later that day she took satisfaction watching the nun check all the drawers in her desk for the book,Miss G told us that she had to surpress a fit of laughter as she and her classmates watched the nun search the entire classroom for St.Augustine but to no avail.The poor nun began to think that she had left the book somewhere else and left the class to begin a search. As Miss G told us what she had done Sir D tutted loudly. Miss C looked at me.Jen laughed. Another member of our Circle Miss N thought that is was 'not nice'. The guys laughed and urged Miss G to get to the part when she was punished,it was at that point that Miss G informed us that she had never been punished because she had never been caught. I remembered my reading of St.Augustine many years ago now and a quote came to mind 'The mind commands the body and is instantly obeyed'. I quoted this to the Circle and Miss G all of a sudden looked guilty. Sir D decided that it was high time Miss G was punished and both he and I took it in turns to berate Miss G and administer a long over due punishment.

As for the book Miss G stole we all wanted to know what she had done with it.In her panic she had put it in her school bag,Jen having a legal/criminal mind told her that this was silly,the evidence should always be discarded,this made everyone laugh. It turns out that Miss G is still in possession of the book,which I thought a bit disturbing,like a hunter keeping a trophy. Miss G asked what she should do now,almost nine years later,with the book? Some said keep it as a keep sake,Sir D said leave it in a church.I think she should post it back to the convent and address the package to the nun and include a letter apologizing,keep it anonymous if she wants ,but I think returning the book would be the right thing. However a vote was taken within the group and the majority ruled that Miss G should keep the book as a reminder of her school days.

Our next Circle meeting is in three weeks at our house,my niece and her boyfriend are going to Greece on holidays,so a bit of peace will be nice,lol.Have a great week my friends and for those of you who have messaged me,the cows are keeping fine and I am getting use to being ankle deep in shhhhhh!!!!

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The key went in the door, and I swear I was going to confess but the words just stuck in my throat and wouldn't come out.
He kissed me ..I squeezed him back, he pulled my shoulders away and said 'you ok Baby?'
'Of course I am' I said
'Got anything to say to me?'says he.
'Nooooooo' says I.
'Ok, so you wanna tell me why my car is facing the opposite direction to the way I left it yesterday?' He says all calmly.
Then he calmly walks out the front door, saying as he goes 'if you've done anything to that car, god help your backside little girl'
Now my insides are doing backflips and somersaults, half scared half excited, a good spanking can lead to incredible sex.
When he came back indoors his face was white!
'What the fuck is wrong with you' he screamed. 'Did I not tell you, you were not to drive my car today?'
'Yes,but' was my pathetic reply.
'No buts, just go to bed, get upstairs, and wait, I can't deal with you while I'm so angry'
When he finally opened our bedroom door, I was sitting, trying to look all contrite and suitably guilty,with my arms wrapped round my knees.
'Why have you got pyjama bottoms on?' He says.
' told me to go to bed!'
'Really, you think giving me attitude is a good idea right about now?'
All I could then manage was a whine lol. He told me to 'Stand up and take them off' he sat on the bed and threw me over his knees, spanks rained down hard and fast, not the way I like it. I was fast realising that this probably wasn't going to lead to fantastic sex tonight. I pleaded with him through real tears to stop and that I was sorry.
'Oh you're gonna be little girl' was his reply. He did stop when I brought out the 'please stop, I love you card.' (works every time)lol.
My punishment also includes not being allowed my iPad (I found his)not being allowed to stay up past 8pm ...until I learn the meaning of
'not allowed' He reckons I've done a grands worth of damage, such an exaggerated guess.

Punishment Films
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I have been spanked with lots of implements in my time, I think the cane has to be the worst though. I first got it at 21 . Me and my girlfriend at the time spanked each other, she also had a friend that joined us a lot . I made my girlfriend mad the night before and she said she was going to bust my ass in the morning, she woke up late and had to go to work, so she told me to be bent over the bed naked when she got home, half way through the day she tested me saying that she told her friend to administer the spanking , so her friend knocks on the Door with a belt in her hand, we go to the living room and I take my pants off, she belted me 25 times over my underwear , I was told by my girlfriend that it was to be bare butt with the paddle and she wanted me to be spanked over the knee with the hairbrush, I didn't tell her friend that , so when she got home she said they talked and that I should have told her what I was supposed to get, her friend came back over with a cane.... And they both took turns swatting my bottom bare with the cane. Most pain I felt , so when her friend was due for a spanking I got my revenge, I had her strip.naked in front of my girlfriend gave her 3 minutes otk with my hand, then pulled the paddle out and whipped her till she was screaming, revenge was sweet that day

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So this is a true story, even though it sounds like erotic fiction,
When I was 19 I was at a friend's house, we were in the experimental phase in life. We have had sex once before this day, his mother left to go to the store so we figured we'd mess around, after a couple minutes kissing he went to make sure his mom was gone and the front door was locked, we laid together and kissed on each other for a while before we both ended up naked rubbing on each other, so I suck his cock for a while then we trade places, realizing it had been 30 minutes we figured we'd better hurry just in case she came home quick. So as were lubing up we heard a noise and figured it was the cat, big mistake, so after a couple minutes of him fucking me his mom walks right in his room and didn't say a word, just stood there. She eventually mustered up and made us get dressed , she watched us get dressed and he came inside the condom so he had to pull that off in front of her. So she walks out and tells us to sit in the living room, after 15 minutes she came in with a paddle and a belt and says either we settle this here or we call your parents, now I knew my mom was going to give her the green light on a spanking because she had spanked me 3 times before, I knew I was going to get it twice anyway if she called so we picked to settle it there, yes I know, who gets spanked at 19? I did, it was a rule with my mother and aunt that I spanked still if I lived there, so his mom orders us to our underwear and puts him in the corner , she sat down and had me bend over her knees, she started off very strong with her hand , again I was in a phase so I had a man thong on, so it hurt bad, after my time was up she told me to go cut 6 switches from the backyard, and if they weren't big enough, she would run that paddle across my ass until I screamed, so I did.I tried to put my pants on and she got up and whacked the legs with the belt , so I went out back in a thong and cut switches After finding all 6 I went back to him still being spanked over his underwear, we sliced the switches, and she made us stand face to face, pulled our underwear down and started with him, she used 3 different switches on him until he was fully in tears, then it was my turn , she used the other 3 on me as I screamed and cried begging her to stop, saying I was sorry and all that, after that she went in he room and we stood in corners sobbing, thinking it was over, we were allowed to put our clothes back on and sent to his room with the door open of course, so we watched tv in his room until right before I was supposed to go home, I walked out of his room to see my mother standing there, his mom called him out, they had a talk with us , and told us we were going to be punished every night before bed for the next week, before we left my mom made me pull my pants down to see my butt, it was red and purple, she didn't think it was enough so she asked for the paddle, which made me cry instantly , instead his mom pointed out she had a razor strap and it would sting just as much, so she took me into his bedroom bent me over the bed pulled my pants down and gave me 20 swats for misbehavior and then 5 for my underwear being a thong, all the while.he's in the other room taking a belt across his butt while he's bent over grabbing his ankles, all together the worst spanking I've ever had, we kept our sexual escapades to the woods after that,

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