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I have been aware of my submissive tendencies and urges to be spanked from an early age. I have always craved a strong authoritative leader. I wanted to be with a man who would hold me accountable for my misbehaviors and correct, teach and guide me with loving discipline. I have always felt odd and even guilty for having these feelings. I felt like I couldn't be an intelligent, liberated and independent woman if I had these feelings. Society at large does a good job of condemning our lifestyle. Some of our misguided critics genuinely believe that people who want to spank or be spanked are either abusive or abused. Some of us may be forgiven by them or even pitied for living this type of a lifestyle. Others are ridiculed as being depraved and psychologically damaged individuals who get their kicks out of inflicting or subjecting themselves to discipline from others. Such violent opposition can make those of us living in this lifestyle feel very isolated. I thought there was truly something wrong with me until I was in my early 20’s and discovered message boards about spanking on Prodigy. I was so shocked and relieved to see that my feelings about wanting to be spanked were actually very common. My perception of myself changed and I no longer felt weird, isolated or condemned. Corresponding with others on boards like this has helped me to voice many of my thoughts that I had locked away.

Dominance is not about being a sadist or a bully and submission is not all about being passive. It takes a great deal of self- analysis to realize that discipline is a natural progression evolving from the inter-play of masculine and feminine energies. It seems to me that men in general tend to be more natural at being disciplinarians and leaders. I wonder if we naturally think differently or if we are this way because we have been taught to act this way. I believe it is more nature than nurture. Most men seem to have a more dominant left brain. The left brain is responsible for logic and reason so that leads me to believe that that is why many men tend to gravitate more towards taking on the role of the disciplinarian who enforces law and order. Maybe the women who prefer to be the disciplinarian have a dominant left brain too. As for me I constantly feel like my left brain is either under-developed or has merely been dominated by my right brain. I am not very good at anything mathematical beyond the basics. Instead I am ruled by my powerful feelings and emotions (a right brain trait). I also have never had a good sense of direction, which is another left brain trait. I feel lost most of the time so I look to logical, rational and authoritative men to guide me, correct me and put me on the right path.

But I digress. It took a lot of careful introspection to realize that our lifestyle can only bring harmony and deeper love into our relationships. Since we have embraced these wants and desires we are very much in tune with our inner selves. We are in touch with the driving force inside of us and (despite social opposition) we are confident to listen to our inner needs rather than trying to suppress them. That allows us to become liberated and exude greater confidence and freedom of expression. That is evident by the people who I have met on here. The people who I have met on this board have truly amazed me with how intelligent and enlightened they are. It is truly a pleasure to be on here and I am grateful for this board and everyone on it.

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Our little 'Circle' is made up of a few like-minded people who have an interest in corporal punishment. As I mentioned in my previous blog we meet up whenever we can,we have had four fun weekends so far this year. We are naturally very careful who we let into the circle,usually someone has to be a friend of someone who is already involved. We have built up good friendships over the years and have a lot of fun. The circle numbers 14 members but due to work or personal constraints not everyone is able to attend for a weekend,unfortunately only once this year everyone was able to attend,but usually there is about 8. Our last get together numbered 8,made up of 5 ladies and 3 gentlemen ranging in age from 25 to 53. Some friends are spankees while some are spankers,but all of us are spankos! Wondering does anyone on here have a group of constant friends that are into spanking and spend the odd fun weekend together?

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She s pronley sleeping now wonder if i text and wake her up if she will be in a foul mood to beat the breaks off the next poor soul that sessions with her lol

Wired Pussy
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looking forward to Friday
going to get a good spanking

would anymore of you lovely ladies
like to spank me
I hope so

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At this point I just want a good bottom warming spanking. When days are this bad I long for a daddies lap to lay over and cry.

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Wired Pussy
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My girl is eager to return to our lifestyle.... To be honest I had my fears... I was light because of her health issues... Like when she had 6 strokes for having my money account bounce for Facebook games she bought cyber bars to help her play instead of using her own funds... It should have been a real old fashion spanking...
She had sentences to before each stroke in effort to build her self confidence.
1. I am beautiful - stroke
2. I am a treasure - stroke
3. I am a cared for - stroke
4. I am obedient - stroke
5. I am owned - stroke
I have since changed things. Instead of one stroke after each sentence...It has begun to be possible more than one and question during the sentence about the sentence. the sentences changed to.

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Sinds my childhood I have this feeling to get punished for bad behaviour.
My parents never spanked me but still my feelings get more and more stronger to get a spanking over the knee from a girl.
Only ones I had the chance when I was with a couple of friends and we climbed on high placed windows to see girls doing gymnastics and we get seen by the gymnastic teacher and point her finger to us and told to come in.
we where brave boys and we did go inside.
When we arived inside all girls stared at us and the teacher stands there with her hands in her sides looking very strict.
We had the age of 13/14 years old and the girls to but she was older around the 24 I guess.
She gave us one by one the opportunity to join her class or to get punished.
One by one my friends take place between the girls and she stared at me.
She asked me to to join class or to get spanked for disturbing this class.
I remember she looked great in her tight gymnastic spandex but I was to embarrassed to say I prefer to lay over her knees infront of my friends.
If they wherent there is think I let myself spanked over her knees infront of all that girls in class.
Yes I know what you all think,but it wasn't a easy choice and I was young.
If i have the same choice now I not doubt any second to say that I'm sorry and refuse to take part in class and a good spanking over her knees in my bare ass will follow.
But what is it that we like to get spanked?
I always wondered this and still asking myself why it turns me on to get controlled by a girl and hope she lay me over her knees and give me a good spanking on my bare.
It turns me on to give a spanking to sinds a couple of years.
If any of you girls and boys know why please react

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With nearly two weeks without any spanking action I felt as though a little self help was needed.
Now, I know loads of you are not into 'selfies' but you know what - when it all goes tits up, there is nothing wrong with a little bit of ' self help'

Wired Pussy
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i shared this true story with Poppy recently n I'm gonna share it here too... its two incidents of accidently peein the bed as an adult. lol......

the first time was when i was married to my hubby... i had a dream n in the dream we had two pet white tigers... my hubby hooked the male tiger to a leash n took it outside to pee.. i did the same with the female one.. cept when my tiger peed outside.. i peed the bed .... luckily my hubby had already gone to work so he never knew n i was spared the embarrassment.....

the 2nd time was a few months after livin with dave.. he sleeps nude n I'm a snuggler... well i woek to find i was peein the bed .. of course by the time i realized it , it was too late.. the bed was soaked n he slept thru it ( hes a Very heavy sleeper).. so i creeped out of bed n showered, got dressed n went downstairs.. i had every intention of lyin n makin him THINK he peed the bed seein it was on his side of the bed lol... later he came down n didn't say anything. i went back up n stripped the bed n washed the beddin... when i was in the process later of takin the clothes out of the dryer i turned to see dave standin there with this HUGE smile on his face n he said "anything u wanna tell me lil girl?".... ACK busted!!.. i was sooo embarrassed ...

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Just a question that ive been asking on my other social media pages so i thought i would ask it on here.

How open are you about the lifestyle?

Some people are kind of hidden about it unless it's on here. And others are pretty much open about it like me where everyone knows from close friends to coworkers to family know that you live in the lifestyle. Do I get judged alot yes I do but at the end of the day this is the lifestyle that I chose to live and I don't regret one but of it.

If your not open to it why not?

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There were themes apparent in the lecturing I got while I was getting spanked last night.

I need to stay more positive in my life. There have been some challenges but getting down in the dumps over any of it will not solve problems in the real world. I must maintain a more positive attitude.

There are things I have done that are definitely spank-able offenses, even if I am a grown woman. My behavior has not been good. My house is a mess that is only coming back together slowly. I have been late with bills and responsibilities that are important, and sometimes my priorities in how and when I spend money could be greatly improved upon. Usually punctual I've started to be late to work, late with projects, and not so honest about it. In some ways I am too hard on myself, and make the mistake of occasionally being too giving with others. In other ways I have behaved like a naughty little girl, and so if I get punished like one it's not such a stretch.

Today it's pretty likely that I have another one coming.

Wired Pussy
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I got a second spanking last night a few hours after the first. It's very likely that in just a few hours the friend who spanked me in the evening will refresh the experience. This time we won't have to worry about the potential of roommates coming home at an awkward moment, so he will be able to take his time. Neither of the spankings I got also night were on the bare bottom, although the thin velvet and silk skirt I was wearing provided little protection. This time I can expect there will be fewer questions of privacy and time. He also knows that I can take a severe spanking, and I'm sure will oblige. I hope it will excite a few readers and friends to "watch" from a distance.

As could be expected the second whipping was harder than the first. Also, getting another spanking on top of an already tenderized bottom can be very intense. One is more prepared physically and mentally, more conditioned to accept punishment. At the same time, one is far more sensitive.

I got the fist spanking kneeling on the couch with my head pressed into a pillow. My friend spanked me very hard with his great big hands, and then paddled my bottom with a slat from a small broken wooden table. When he spanked me the second time I knelt on a chair with a long sway back, leaning forward to present my bottom. Before he made me get into position I had to give him my two school canes. He also pulled the wooden table slat out of his bag again, since it seemed to work so well the first time.

I locked the front door and let the curtains down. It's one thing to tell on myself in spanking land, but no one wants nosy neighbors to know they are getting spanked! We put on some loud music, too, to cover the sound.

First he spanked me with his hand. Some people do thins kind of warm up thing gently, not him. This was a real and hard spanking from the first to the last swat, which took a good little while to get through. He spanked me with his hand for a while, I think probably until his hand hurt enough to want to use something different. Then he picked up the thin whippy little school cane I have in my collection.

A hundred or more sharp stinging blows rained down on my bottom. Much lighter than the heavier cane which leaves a more lasting impression, this little switch like one was making me miserable. I knew that deep down underneath I wanted this, and so I managed to force myself to stay put while that blasted thing came down in stripe after stripe. Then he put that one down and picked up the heavier cane.

There were about 40 strokes, but I couldn't count. I found it too hard to concentrate while he was whipping me with the school cane. I saw stars. I pressed my eyes together and winced and moaned a bit, and actually saw stars like something out of a cartoon. I'll be Jessica Rabbit, and you spank my naughty apple bottom until it's bright red.

Then my friend reminded me to breath, and paused for half a second. Soon I knew why, as I was getting paddled with the table slat again. It smarted so much it was almost unbearable. He put his other hand in the middle of my back to make me stay still as he continued to paddle my naughty behind until it was almost unbearable. I was out of breath and speechless when he stopped and gave me a long warm hug to make sure I was ok; well other than a flaming red backside.

So anyway, I woke up this morning still thinking about it. My guest stayed over and is in a room down the hall. I know that if my roommate has to work today we'll have hours and hours to hang out. After last night what are the chances that I won't collect another spanking, given the time and availability of privacy? I am strangely looking forward to it and a little nervous at the same time.

Since I still feel like writing I think I'll explain in my next post why I probably do actually deserve such a series of memorable spankings, and perhaps a few of you will have suggestions for how we should play out today.

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The soft couch cushions are somehow less comfortable this morning. I woke up thinking about how I finally got two long hard spankings last night, and how I can expect another one soon. I thought, having gotten a really good spanking that I should get on here and share the details with all my friends here. Feel free to enjoy the idea that a real woman got spanked, and paddled, and caned. It seems an interesting addition to the punishment to tell you what happened. Audience participation is welcome. Since I know that I will be getting another spanking very soon, possibly today.... feel free to make suggestions. I will share them with the person who is spanking me later, and let any of the better ideas influence the situation, I promise.

I have not gotten a really good spanking n a really long time, up until last night. It's been a year or more since I have found myself in the right situation to allow it to happen. I have standards and rule about such things. One of the rules however, is that if I feel like I deserve a long hard spanking and find myself in the right situation to do so, I will accept the discipline.

I deserved the spankings I got last night, for both "good girl" and "bad girl" reasons. I wanted the spanking, even though it hurt, and much more than I expected. The friend who spanked me was very assertive with it, not cruel, but definitely not gentle! When the palm of his hand landed squarely on my ass the first time I knew that I was in for it.

He made me kneel on the couch, my head pressed into a pillow along the wall behind it. His first smack was hard, I could feel the flesh roll under his slap, suddenly exploding in a fiery sting. He continued to spank my bottom pretty hard for a little while, at lest a few very long seeming minutes. He lectured me about staying positive in life as he dished out a smacking that made it hard not to jump out of position, even though I wanted to be spanked. I forced myself to stay in place as I quivered and bounced around a bit, struggling to answer out loud the questions he posed as he smacked my bottom with his hand over and over. He made sure I felt every swat.

Then he moved onto paddling my behind creatively. I had a small broken table in the garden and he saved one of the slats from the top of the table. It was about 2 and a half inches wide, half an inch thick, and a foot and a half long. The damn thing did not break, so I am sure to feel it across my bottom again soon. Light enough to get a good air current but thick enough to leave a resounding impression, he paddled me until I was fighting tears and whimpering. Me, self-appointed little miss queen of the spanko's, was actually near to breaking down in the middle of something I definitely asked for and deserved.

I will admit that I think of myself as kind of a spanking bad-ass. I've been flown to fancy parties and used as a model. I have been spanked longer and harder than most people can imagine being real in the past, in real life. Because of those experiences it's hard for me to get a spanking that will even register or sink in. Last night's spanking was effective enough that I was no longer some kind of princess of spanking erotic fiction, I was simply a naughty young woman getting a well deserved licking.

After he spanked me for a while with the creatively devised paddle, I could feel the build up coming to a crescendo. I asked the friend who was delivering the spanking to get through at least another forty, and he obliged well enough that I can still feel it.

Later in the evening he spanked and whipped me again. Stick around for part two, and comment to help my friend with round 3. :-)

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Today is actually the first day of half term! It's soooo exciting! I have 7 whole days off! I can't wait to spend lots of time with Alex! I think I will miss college a little bit though. I love college now. I'll especially miss my friends and the animals. We have some awesome animals on the unit! A couple of wallaby and some sugar gliders arrived last week!There are so many animals!

I've only had one punishment spanking since starting college. I ran in front of a reversing car so I could catch my bus to college. Alex had just dropped me off near the bus stop so he saw it! Oops. He wasn't very happy and I got a really hard belting when I got in! He never uses implements on me any more so it really really hurt! I don't think I like implements anymore.

Oh my goodness! I have really, really good news! I did really well in my mock exams:) I got a Distinction in one exam with 100%! And in the next I was second or 3rd highest in my class! I actually feel clever. Hehehe. It makes me feel excited for the future. My friends talk about going university and about what careers they want. I've even been looking at some internships! One is at a chimpanzee sanctuary that creates new beginnings for chips that have been used for medical research and the other is at a zoo in Australia! It's all very exciting. I just wish so, so, soooooo much that I am well enough! I know I could decline in a few years and be too sick to do anything. It's a bit rubbish! I won't let the uncertainty of my future ruin my time at college though, I'm having too much fun! And I will keep hoping for the future. I think It's important to keep being happy and to treasure every single day!

Wired Pussy
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This wk ive thought i was going a bit nuts.
I was chatting with someone on fetlife, just usual kinda chat, nothing serious, i was heading for bed, so i said night hun, chat maybe tomorrow. Then i signed out.
The next day i go back on, theres a reply, please dont call me hun.
I do tend to call everyone hun, but, if he doesnt like it, ok thats fine.
So i was ready to reply when i realised i was blocked.
I felt so confused, why had he blocked me, we were just chatting. I spent all day worrying bout it.
Then i recieved a message from someone on this site, i cant remember who it was, but i do know we've talked before, but this was about a blog i had previously written. And he was waiting for a reply.
I wasnt sure what to reply so left it a day until i ready to do it. But when i then looked for his message i couldn't find it.i honestly thought i was going crazy. And spent all afternoon searching for the message.
When i happen to mention it to Mr G, he started laughing, then i realised he had done it. He said yes, i didnt like the guy on fetlife, didnt trust him, so i blocked him, and replied to the message on tube and deleted it.
I wasnt best pleased but he told me, if i wanted to stay on these sites, then he would be going on checking on the people i talk to. He says im very niave when it comes to talking online so he has to watch over me. He never cares what i talk about, but if he doesnt like/trust someone, they will be blocked.
At least i know im not going mad, tho i feel sorry for the guy on fet, he did nothing wrong, and ive no idea what reply he gave to the message on here, so hope it wasnt a rude reply.

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And horid noise and Crash i jump up some young guy spun and shot threw my yard &hit a guests car smashed the whole back end in just another normale night at my house. Then a kost trucker comes up after that all done tommarrow its bonfire pig roast hay ride clown face hatchet horror trail ride &a drink with friends

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Are you looking to cure an itch you just can't seem to find?
Perhaps your need some emotion or physical release thats becoming pent-up inside?
Or maybe you just want to get spanked?

I'm offering spanking sessions to all who seek the need of a glowing red bottom.
For whatever reason you need I can help cure that itch.

I'm a long time spanko (hard-wired at birth) with years of experience spanking punishing and installing discipline to those who need it. If you are searching then you know what good for can come from a real spanking session.

Nothing sexual comes from these sessions just purely spanking and discipline.

I'm looking to help both men and women who have the itch.

I am a straight successful male dom/Spanker just wanting to help, because I know it's not easy to find what you're looking for.

Newbies to season vets are welcome. Whatever your experience is, I will test your limits and bring you to a new level of understanding yourself.
My sessions are real...nothing patty cake about them.

Message me of your interested.


Wired Pussy
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I'll get back to ya soon.

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