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Once we were both reasonably happy I asked if he could pass me the coconut cream, but instead of handing it to me, he started to rub cream all over my pussy. I lay back, eyes closed and enjoyed this. His fingers slid down my crack then up again, finding my hole. He was all creamy so he slid very easily in.
I sighed and gasped as his magic fingers began wriggling about, I groaned, murmured, my hips starting to move with his fingers. Soon I began to feel the tightening of an orgasm which soon rocked my body into ecstasy. But his fingers didn’t stop after this orgasm, he wanted me to have more and I soon rose high and started to shake and shudder as his fingers found my G spot. Another orgasm left my body shuddering as he turned his fingers to tickle my G spot. But this is the area that gets me squirting, my body really wanted to release but my head was thinking, there’s no mat under me so I can’t. Master could read my mind, his fingers brought me so close, then stopped, repeating it over and over. I felt a finger wander to my asshole and slide its way in, quickly making me gasp once more. I love how it feels to have his fingers in my pussy, and fingers in my asshole almost touching each other in between my flesh. This almost makes me want to cum again.
Then he took all his fingers out, making me growl and moan, wanting even more. He chuckled. “Greedy Serf.” He said, going to wash his hands.
I lay there still, hoping for more when he returns. “Would you like a nice spanking ?” Nodding my head, “Yes please Master.” I quickly replied. “Okay, you can choose 2 toys today.” He told me. I got up quickly, not sure which toys to choose, so I went for ones that gave me a good sting, and one that Master just enjoys using. The Jokari paddle and the rubber studded paddle.

Bending me over the bed he whacked my ass quite softly, “Like this Serf?” He asked. I shook my head, “Okay how about this ?” Whacking me really hard. I screeched, saying no, my head buried into a cushion, as Master took this as an invitation to do more as he paddled my ass. I cried and screamed into the cushion, when an even harder hit came I went to stand up only to be roughly pushed back down. Master sat on the bed, my legs went over his but as each hit stung stronger and stronger, I wriggled about more. So he stood up, holding my head into the cushion, whilst he continued to beat my ass relentlessly. There was nothing I could do as Masters hand was firmly on my head. I felt him drop the paddle on the bed and heard a jingle of the bell on the rubble paddle. He grazed it across my back, gently hitting me. Even a gentle hit hurt like crazy. My nerves felt on fire. Tapping my arms, my sides, harder on the sides of my tits, I quickly covered them with my arms as Master continued to tease my back.
Then I felt his hard cock by my crack, the coldness of his PA made me jump a bit. He spread my cheeks allowing his cock to easily find his position. Thrusting forward, his PA scraped along my insides, a little painful but nice at the same time. The rubber paddle continued to smack my back, sides then he realised my hips were free, so he whacked hard over each side. I tried to move but his hand shoved my head down once more. My hand covered one side but got hit by the paddle, it bloody hurt so I moved it away quickly. All the while his cock thrust hard into my ass.
Then he released me, his cock slipped out of my bum, “That will do for now. Now get on your knees and clean my cock.” I groaned because I wanted more, plus I didn't like having to clean his cock after it had been up my bum. But I made that go out of my mind, after all, it’s only been in my body so I slipped to my knees, and just went for it. Licking, sucking, my tongue slipping around his head, playing with his new bar he put through his cock. It had big balls either end, making me gag when it went close to my throat, but also one ball slid inside his cock. I took it out of my mouth, looking at it thinking I had pushed it inside and it shouldn’t happen, but Master just popped it up again. “Don’t worry, it just does that, I may need bigger balls for this bar.” So I slipped his cock inside again, enjoying the taste now, plus hearing Master groan in pleasure makes me work harder. We were right in front of our mirrored doors and Master was enjoying watching me, then he told me to look. I turned my head a bit and watched myself suck my Masters cock. It turned me on quite a bit, if i’m honest. Then I felt his cock swell, his head bulged in my mouth. “Ready for my gift, Serf?” He asked, as I nodded whilst sucking. “It’s coming now, take it all.” Master said softly, stroking my hair. His cum shot into my mouth, it pumped and pumped until I had to swallow whilst he was still firing his cum, making me gag as his PA touched my throat, swallowing again, his cock had finally stopped firing his seed, his balls finally emptied whilst I cleaned his cock once more. I felt full of Masters juices then, I was proud of myself for not complaining and we had both had a good time. Master ensured I had 2 very sore, red cheeks for when I sat down at the party. But that was exactly what I liked.

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Friday I was looking forward to a little Christmas do with the girls I go to the theatre with. My mother in-law and her fat club groupies, they are a lovely set of ladies all in their late 60’s upwards.
J invited me come along to their do, which I was really pleased about. She is nearly 80, she has so much energy, the stories she tells, and just her bubbly personality, you can’t help laughing along with her. I love spending time with her, she reminds me of my mother in-law, which is probably why we get along.

Friday morning I had a lazy start, coming upstairs to get a shower, Master walked in. “I’d like you to drink my piss please.” He said. I couldn't help groaning, I know I shouldn’t but drinking piss still wasn’t pleasant. But I did as I was told. “Good Serf” he said. He slowly started pissing in my mouth. I held tightly onto his thighs, this kinda helped me continue. All the while, Master spoke softly to me, telling me how proud he was of me doing this task. “You don’t like this one do you?” He asked. I shook my head as he chuckled. “There that will do nicely, thank you Serf.” I continued to clean him up so Master knew I’d finished my job. He helped me up and hugged me tightly, kissing me, again saying how happy he was, which made me very happy too. “You really don’t like doing it do you.” He said, I shook my head into his chest. “Why do you do it then?” He asked me. “Because you want me to do it, so I will do it.” I told him. He kissed me deeply, “Thank you.” He told me and went to the office to continue with his work.

I then showered and shaved but I am struggling to shave around my rings and my lack of physical ability makes it hard too. My body is in more pain when I try to shave. I'm a really mad OCD nut if I can feel any hairs after I’ve shaved. And this time I had done a terrible job.
As Master was still in the office, I asked if he had a spare minute just to help whilst I lay on the bed, to shave the worst areas. But Master struggles just as much as I do, he said the best way would be to take the rings out but he’s not confident in getting them back in.
Whilst he’s shaving, he said the meeting he was supposed to have with one of the girls was cancelled, mainly because he forgot to ask her to come to it. So he would have to do it on Monday as this was the last day for it. But it meant he was free for a bit, very unusual for when he works from home.

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After my last disaster on my latest labia piercing, and I had promised everyone, I wasn’t getting that one done again. I’ve not promised I wouldn’t get something else done anywhere else on my body. I’d started to look at photos of other piercings I could get, and I’ve found the perfect one. Or two. No actually four as it would be two on either side.
I showed Master the photo and he seemed keen on it, he never said No, when I said this was something planned for the New Year.
Plain bar, ball either end, at the top of each labia. I think I have room for two, I will have to ask A, my piercer.
But the fun with that is I could put one long bar from one end to the other, which, from the photos I’ve seen look really good.
They would not be a thick bar, like the rings I have now, just a standard size they use for belly buttons or ears.
Here’s the photo that gave me the idea.

Master likes the horseshoe through the clit so I will get that done plus the top bars on either side of the top labia. I want two on each side.

Brutal Punishments
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Poor Master is sick, and he’s one very grumpy bear when he’s sick.

In typical fashion, Friday night, he says that chippy didn’t suit me, I feel really ill. Neither of us thought much of it again, as it was probably another episode of IBS.
I went to bed early, falling asleep before 10 pm, as I had been awake since 2 am. At 11.45 pm, Dave ( the dog ) climbed on top of my hip, a usual indication he wants the garden. So I had to get up, let both dogs out, trying to keep my eyes closed so I don’t wake up, climb into bed as quietly as possibly even though the bed frame creaked like mad. I heard Master groan at the noise, then the tutting started as our 2 noisy dogs licked their paws, had a scratch, then more licking. Get the typical picture. No they haven’t got fleas, before anyone thinks that, my babies are treated monthly. But they have bad allergies and nothing helps, they could go on steroids, which they do in summer but we try not to let them have them all year as they put so much weight on.
The downside of that is we put up with the licking and chewing and scratching. I swear Muffin could lick a cushion for an hour without stopping if we didn’t stop her first.

Anyway, get back to last night. After many tuts from Master, the sickness feeling started to appear strongly. Master went downstairs to see if being upright would bring any wind up but that made no difference. Except allowed me to go back to sleep again, until 1.45 am, when it was Muffins turn to do the little woof, run away thing, she so loves to do.
I swear its a good job I love these 2 dogs coz the things I have to do, many people wouldn’t.
So I gave up and went downstairs. Thats when the icky feeling grew much worse for Master. And it was a question of which end went first. He was up almost every half hour through the night, it went quiet after 6 am, I have to admit I did fall asleep at some point on the settee.
Around 9 am, I went up once I heard him move around, when he said he was up loads and felt shit. Putting the TV on for him, passing him the controllers, I went back down, but regularly went upstairs to check on him.
He hates throwing up, I mean no one really likes throwing up, but he detests it.
Master came down around 12 pm, he didn’t look well at all.
“Bloody typical isn’t it. I can’t get sick during the week can I, and look at the weather, it’s sunny. I cudda had a drive out in the Lotus today.”
Master also hates not being able to do jobs during the weekend, car jobs, office jobs, anything for me or E. He likes to be busy. So a sunny yet v cold day put him in a grumpier mood.
He went to bed when I’d made my lunch, the spicy smell made him feel sicker so he ad to get away from it. And continued his trip to the bathroom frequently.
I even had to ask E not to spend half an hour in the shower like he normally does, incase Dad needed to go again. He had a quick 5 minute shower, so he can do it if he wanted too. Lol. Our son loves the shower.
I’ve spent the afternoon going up and down, getting medication and bottles of water for Master, bleaching the bathroom, don’t want anyone else catching this so close to Christmas and kept the bathroom window open to let the bugs out.
It’s now nearly 9 pm, and I must say, I've not heard much movement from upstairs, so I’m hoping this could mean there’s nothing else left in his body.
I’m sleeping downstairs tonight so Master can move around the bed, put the TV on and not worry about me. You never know, I may sleep all night if the dogs settle on the settee with me. Yes its a squash, good job I’m only little, but with good planning I can get a good space as Muffin will be half up my side and Dave will be curled around my legs.
Anyway, hopefully the icky side of this will be gone tonight though I’m sure it will take him a few days for his body to settle down from it, just enough time before his works Xmas lunch and get together next week.
I think Nurse Serf has done a good job caring for her Master today.

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Ok so next Friday I get my frist real spanking in almost 2 years I am excited and nervous about it. I shall tell you all about it after :)

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ok soooo iv been up to no good over the last lil while. Had a few incidents that i should have reacted/behaved diffrently but didnt. well d day is close lol im curious how many hear feel pleasure when they feel pain or even like pain xx

Brutal Punishments
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When I mentioned to a friend that I could take almost unlimited amounts of spanking by hand I never imagine it would come back to Master's ears a couple of months later. That was a brief conversation with another slave in a club where our Masters had brought us some Saturday night and we both agreed that hand spanking was by far the easiest one to take and that often our spankers were getting tired and sore before we had enough.
Little did we know that last Wednesday we found ourselves naked facing a door in some basement of a unknown house, side by side, legs apart and hands on head waiting.
Our masters walked in to check that we were ready and explained that they had been told of our conversation some weeks ago and that tonight we would be put to the test. A number of spankers would walk in and sit in a circle around the room, we would go across their knees, feet apart and hands on the floor and get 100 slaps, when done we would get up and go to the next spanker on the next chair and get the same and so on until we begged for mercy and the spanking to stop... the one of us two who would give in first would be given a stern flogging but not until the other received a final 200 slaps on the butts by the spankers.
Our Masters left the room and we were left standing facing the door ready for what seemed to be a long time when the door opened and our spankers walked in... I was suddenly worried when I counted 9 men who carried a folding chair and took place in a circle around us... they looked at us for a few minutes and two Masters on the opposite sides of the room called us, we looked at each other and walked to our respective spanker. I placed myself across the lap of my spanker and figured that my co-slave did the same with his and before I felt the first slap I heard the sound... one Master counted the slaps 10, 20,... 100... it felt good but still comfortable, I got up and went to assume the position on the next Master' lap and the count carried on, third Master and my ass was staring to burn but yet in a nice way... fourth, fifth, sixth Master and by then the burning was rather intense... seventh Master and in the middle of his “set” my co-slave screamed “enough”. That meant he was going to get flogged but to me it meant 200 more slaps and I knew the Masters would make them count.
All stopped and I was left across my Masters lap waiting for what was coming next : I was sent to the corner of the room which gave me somewhat of a break and I could see the other guy being stringed up and tied by the hands to a hook in the ceiling, his ass was red-purple so I figured mine was not much better.
Suddenly I was called to stand over a chair: bent over the back hands on the seat and my feet got tied to the legs, my hands taped to the corner of the seat. I was asked if I preferred 200 as planned or 10 of the belt by each of the Masters. I opted for the later thinking it would be over faster.
Shortly after the first set came down and I felt the burn quite badly, 2nd set, 3rd set and so on it was the 7th or 8th which did hurt the most as the belt felt more like a prison strap than a regular belt. When the 9th Master finished I could hardly feel my backside and when I got untied from the chair I had difficulties getting up and walking away to he corner.
My co-slave stated to receive his flogging and it seemed that the Masters had decided among themselves to target a special part of him: one did one leg, the next the other, the 3rd the pubic area, 4th the chest, 5th the belly, 6th the chest from the other side and 7th and 8th the back, finally his own Master did his ass and when he was done he told him that next time he should keep his mouth shut.
The poor guy was red all over, he joined me in the corner where we picked up our clothes and got dressed.
The ride back home in the car was excruciating for me as my ass was way too tender for comfortable sitting, so it was with great relief that I went to sleep on the floor in the corner of Master's bedroom...

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On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a spanking across his knee.

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me 2 burning cheeks

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me 3 mouth soapings

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me 4 trips to the woodshed

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me 5 cooling creams

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me 6 trips to the corner

On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me 7 inches of cock

On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me 8 days of grounding

On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me 9 wooden spoons

On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me 10 bottom blistering

On the eleventh fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me 11 wooden paddles

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me 12 lick with his belt

Brutal Punishments
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Part of Evan wished he had never met Janie. Had he never started down this road, he'd still have a job with her Uncle James and his life could have been happy. Once he'd seen their lavish lifestyle, he'd set his sights on David's beautiful daughter. He'd been enthralled with her from the start. She was so pretty and innocent. As time went on, he did grow to be very attached to her but in the background, the thought of the power and the wealth that might be may have fueled his actions. He'd been acting like it was already in the bag and now he had nothing. He knew he had screwed everything up. He pulled the blanket gingerly over himself. It hurt, but he needed its warmth. How could he get out of this mess?! Would David really give him a second chance? He knew if Janie was not involved he wouldn't be here at all. Did he trust that David could forgive him? He just didn't know. He felt like he had to try. He fell into a restless sleep. He awoke, hours later, sweaty and frightened. He felt like someone was watching him in the darkness.

His eyes strained to see around the nearly black room. There were a few small baseboard lights that lit the floor but also distorted the shadows that looked up the walls. He wanted to get up and look around, but he was so sore and exhausted. He didn't relish the pain that would surely come from the effort. His bladder was full and he would need to find the bathroom. Was David sitting in the shadows? Evan shuddered as his eyes stared into each corner trying to identify any presence. Satisfied at last that he was alone, he nudged his way off the padded table. He wrapped the blanket around his body even though it hurt. That meager layer of protection was a small comfort.

He found the bathroom and switched on the light. The bright light hurt his eyes for a moment. He closed the door but there was no lock to ensure his privacy. He dropped the thin cover and studied his body in the large mirror behind the counter. David had given him a painful education. Each lesson was etched into his flesh. Somehow, seeing his muscular back and buttocks striped with welts, gave him butterflies.
He knew that there was a part of him that craved punishment. It wasn't present in the moment that the strap swung. He hated the actual beating. He could not really reconcile how he felt afterwards with the terror he felt while it was going on. But here, as he touched the tender, swollen marks, he responded sexually. He felt the blood rush to his cock. He was hard and felt the need for release.

He kept his eyes locked onto the mirror, admiring himself. He was proud of his well defined physique. He found some lotion and began to rub it gently into his wounds. The cool smooth cream felt like heaven on his tight damaged skin.

His slippery hands found their way downward to his stiff rod. He closed his eyes and pictured David's unflinching stare. He remembered how helpless he felt as David hooked those cuffs to the cords. His lips tightened as he clenched his jaw in pleasure. His mouth formed into a grimace of intensity. He could remember each lash, each stroke cutting into his skin. He replayed David's stern words in his head. He could hear the timing and cadence of his commanding voice replaying in his mind. Evan's breath seemed to catch in his throat and he came with enough force to leave the mirror splattered with his passion.

As his heart slowed, he felt embarrassed. How could he be getting off on this?! He wasn’t attracted to David, was he?! He felt like it was more about the power he held over him, than his physical presence. But honestly, he wasn't sure at all. Why didn't he stick up for Janie? He did love her, right? He loved her body. He was attached to her, undoubtedly. He remembered being punished at boarding school. All those boys rooming together…. he'd had a few experiences he wouldn't want anyone to know about. That was just growing up, he thought. He sighed, more confused than ever. He didn't have any answers tonight. He did his best to clean the mirror with a towel. He couldn't find any cleaning supplies. The mirror was a streaky mess. He rubbed it furiously, adding soap and water until at last he was satisfied his private moment would remain so. The tiny camera was invisible and robotic. It recorded anything that moved, carefully keeping a record of his every move.

Evan reentered the dark room. As his eyes adjusted, he found a bottle of water in the fridge and drank it down greedily. He felt better. Those endorphins were pumping through his blood. He went back to the table to try to get more sleep, but he was too hyped up to sleep.
He crept around the room touching the implements in the wall and playing out scenarios in his mind.

He pictured Janie tied to that cross. She was, he felt, the source of his troubles. He wanted to punish her, though she'd done him no wrong. He both wanted her and resented her. Her and her family and all that money had led him astray! What did she know of struggle, of suffering really. She lived in a fairytale! Some of his frustrations were vocalized in the quiet of the chamber. Maybe he was just trying to fill the silence of the sterile room. He'd like to show her just what the world would do to her if she was NOT under her Daddy's roof. He grabbed a strap off the wall and fiercelywhipped the wooden cross, imagining her there! He played out the part of punisher, ordering Janie about. He forgot his pain as he beat the unfeeling wood. Oh, how she'd scream if he had his way! He felt anger and cruelty welling up in him and then, with a wave of guilt, he suppressed it again. It remained there, simmering below the surface.

He remembered Janie trying to save him. He recollected her sweet laughter and the way she trusted him to lead her around the club. It wasn't her fault. He shook his head, not sure how he felt about anything!! He knew at some level that he had only himself to blame, but he wasn't ready to come to terms with that in this moment.

David had been up for some time now, sipping his coffee and watching the tapes of Evan's movements. Evan talked to himself at times, revealing some of what was going on inside his thoughts. His actions did little to reassure David. He felt like there was an entirely different young man behind the facade he'd presented. David would have to give Evan's fate some serious thought. Security would be delivering his breakfast soon. He considered giving him clothing but decided he wanted him off balance. He decided not to acknowledge him at all for a while. That would work on him as much as the strap did, just in another way. He wanted him to feel forgotten and ignored, at least until he was up to his next lesson.

David had much on his mind but foremost was his daughter. He'd hated treating her with brutality. She really had no clue what harm could have befallen her. Evan was a wild card at best. David didn't like unpredictability. He equated it with instability. How could he show Janie what he was really like? Could he play that part of the tape for her? No, he thought not.
He still didn't know exactly how he could get Janie to come to her senses or if she ever would. He had to be careful. It needed to happen in a way that she didn't feel David was manipulating the situation. Maybe he'd let Janie come down here. She'd have to think she was on her own, but David would be watching. He didn't think she'd ever been in this room before. He could count on her curiosity and the lure of Evan being in the house. He had the seed of an idea anyways. He downed the rest of his coffee and went to check on Janie. He took an extra key from the drawer and put it on his key ring.
He just wanted her to see it dangling from his belt for now.

Feeling like he was making progress, David climbed the stairs three at a time. He peeked in Janie's door. She was still asleep. Olivia sat in the corner sewing. When she saw David, she hurried quietly to the door. They spoke in the hallway.

“How is she?,” David asked.

“She's okay, Mr. King. She slept good. Don't worry. It looked worse than it was. She’ll be fine in a few days.” Olivia was used to seeing welts. She'd been a housekeeper when David and James were just boys. Those boys had it hard. Their father didn't tolerate any nonsense. They had been raised to be strong.

But Janie and Evan slept, but David's mind was busy formulating a plan. Time would tell what the future held for all of them, but the days to come promised adversity for everyone!!

*Thank you Dennim for the image... As always, amazing. Xo
I appreciate your patience in waiting for this chapter. Life had been a little rough lately with my back procedure and a sick family member, but the light is breaking at last.
Merry Christmas Christmas to all of my wonderful readers & faithful friends!! Xojanie

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She lost one of her favorite brushes to use on me. She swear I hid it, she been taking it out on my behind. I swear I didn't hide it tho :(

Brutal Punishments
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I am from huntington WV. My online friend said, "you are overdue for a spanking or paddling by a strict, but fair lady." Well, why is it this online friend cannot be found by the gofindme site. Is this merely a ghost or someone that does not want to be found

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Has anyone actually emailed her using the email address she provides when you email her on here first?

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People on this site use spanking in a wide variety of ways. I would like to connect and exchange messages with those who use spanking as a pain/pleasure erotic experience that relieves stress. So if you like to self pleasure as a result of giving or receiving a spanking, send me a message. Right now, I am going to relax and enjoy a fantasy...

Brutal Punishments
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I haven't seen Sir in THREE MONTHS! which means I haven't had a spanking in THREE months. And the guys who say how lucky my Dom is...I wish HE would realize that. I miss him so much and I just don't want anyone else. Sorry, rant over.

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Like a flower without sunshine or rain...
What happens to that flower?
Does it wither away?
Without these things a flower craves-
How can it flourish and thrive each day?
The answer is no...
There is no way
For such a flower will slowly fade
Only after pain will it blossom again
Since to be dominated-disciplined-
Is what this flower needs
Bless this flower that slips away
May It find the courage to misbehave
A flower with red petals once again

So long now since I felt your hand-
The bite-stinging-welts-pain
Like a bee without it's Queen
(In my case a King...)
Unable to breathe...
I long to return to the way it was
Feeling pain is now part of me
My soul weeps everyday...
40 plus days since you punished me
So severe I definitely behaved-
(For awhile...)
Now I am tempted to repeat my mistake...
Take money without you knowing
I would rather be punished so harsh-
Then not at all
I have done or said things recently-
That should deserve a spanking...
But instead you just ignored these
I feel lost...flying in circles-
No gravity...confused
When you said yes...I was so happy
Flapping my wings....buzzing inside
Now I'm desperately seeking-
Pain-Domination only you can bring-
My Sir...My Love...My Everything...

Spnkswtch wrote this in the comments below so beautifully that I just had to add this to my poem..."We all need to be “watered” from time to time. It helps us grow. It helps us become beautiful flowers. It’s built into our very being. When flowers are being carefully watered, they are loving being cared for. With too little water, they dry-up. With too much, they drown."!!!!

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Has anyone else ever wondered if Nikola Tesla was a freak in bed?

Brutal Punishments
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So ready for a game for spankos similar to Who's That Pekemon?

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Oh fickle Muse, my soul dost bleed
In whom I’d plac’d such trust
She come’st and goes, ere like the wind
In gentle breeze or mighty gust

Untamed and wild, a spirit free
Impulsive, unpredictable her creed
No slave to master ever she
Tis I who follow, she that lead

A captive caught within her arms
A prisoner bound to her stake
Besotted, smitten by her charms
Yet towed in her capricious wake.

Relent foul wench – the shackles break
Thou knowest how my heart dost ache
Let passions flow, unbridled, loose
Heed you my plaint, perfidious Muse?

Real Spankings Institute